From Politico:

FERC MULLS COMPETITION: Debate over how far to lean into competitive development of transmission lines remains a hot issue at FERC as it considers how to reform U.S. transmission policy, Commissioner Allison Clements said Thursday during a webinar hosted by free market think tank R Street Institute. The commission is considering arguments from competitive power interests who say opening up development to non-incumbent power providers leads to lower costs, versus utilities who argue that historic efforts to expand competition have been ineffective in spurring investment.

“I’ve heard that competition works for customers; in some places, we’ve seen the proof is in the pudding where there are lower cost investments made by competitive transmission providers to the benefit of customers,” Clements said. “I’ve also heard perspectives, and see in the record perspectives, where the introduction of competition into the regional [planning] process has been the biggest barrier to getting sufficient investment done.” 

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