In this episode, Major Emily Bobenrieth, Associate Professor, National Security Law Department at The Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School, sits down with Major Jessica Dawson and Mr. Brandon Pugh to discuss the threat data privacy, or lack thereof, poses to national security, servicemembers, and Americans at large. Both experts in the data privacy field, MAJ Dawson and Mr. Pugh engage in a candid discussion about the way data is collected and used by private companies and foreign adversaries to engage in activities: from ad targeting to waging war. Mr. Pugh also sheds light on the ongoing policy and legislative efforts to protect Americans. The episode ends with both experts’ thoughts on how NSL practitioners can best advise their commands now on this complex issue. MAJ Dawson and Mr. Pugh co-published an article in Defense News, discussing how the Russia-Ukraine conflict highlights the U.S. military’s data privacy vulnerabilities. The article can be found at the following URL:

Listen to the podcast here.