From E&E News:

Devin Hartman, a former FERC employee who now heads energy and environmental policy at the libertarian R Street Institute, said Christie is “cut from a similar cloth” to McNamee.

“They’re both Virginia products and rule-of-law federalists,” Hartman said.

“Christie checks three big boxes: He’s very qualified, has rule of law integrity and represents an overdue states’ background for FERC,” Hartman of R Street said.

While the timing of the nominations of Christie and Clements was unexpected, it has eased fears about the agency’s ability to function and insulated the panel from lacking a quorum (Energywire, July 28).

“Such a bipartisan move is a breath of fresh air, especially this late in an election cycle,” Hartman said. “Both Christie and Clements are highly qualified and respect the proper statutory role for FERC. This sets up the agency well for next year regardless of the election outcome.”

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