From The Center Square Arizona:

A new website highlights the accomplishments of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

The website touts Ducey’s record on the economy, taxes and education, among other aspects of his administration. The Republican has been in office since 2015 and is in his final month as governor of Arizona…

One of those pro-growth policies that Ducey enacted was signing the country’s first universal occupational licensing recognition bill into law in 2019, the site says. If someone has a work license in a different state, they can use it to work in Arizona.

Shoshanna Weissmann of R Street Institute praised Governor Ducey for this licensing reform bill and other reforms he has made to the government.

“I’ve been working with Governor Ducey and his office since 2017,” Weissmann told The Center Square in an email. “His team is impeccable and they operate in such good faith. Maybe that’s why he has accomplished so much during his time in office. Notably, his first-of-its-kind universal licensing recognition in 2019 paved the way for about 20 states to follow his lead and make it easier for people to move to the state and work. He’s also done quite a bit in the way of telehealth, education reform, lobbying reform (stopping state government from hiring lobbyists to… lobby other entities in the state), and more. His leadership will be missed in Arizona and he leaves big shoes to fill.”

Weissmann added that Ducey is open to disagreement and wants to hear different perspectives.

“Maybe most importantly, while I often agreed with him, it wasn’t always the case,” Weissmann wrote. “And when I disagreed, he encouraged me to discuss matters with him and his team. I could also share my views publicly. He once even chided me for not disagreeing with him enough. His approach is what we should wish for in all leaders.”

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