From The Center Square:

In a report that tells New Hampshire it can do better when it comes to broadband accessibility, R Street’s 2020 Broadband Scorecard Report gave the state another “C” grade, the same score it has received the past two years.

The scorecard rates individual states’ laws pertaining to broadband utilization which includes franchising, right-of-way access, permits and more.

Along with a few other states, New Hampshire passed one new law in 2020 that provides better maps for where broadband service is deployed. But the law does not cap fees for franchises, construction permits or right-of-way access, the report said. Also, no limits have been set on the fees to the costs sustained by a regulator.

The report advises New Hampshire lawmakers, “Moreover, there is no uniform statewide franchising; meaning companies wishing to offer video service must individually negotiate all franchise terms with each locality. High costs can stifle deployment, so New Hampshire should work to limit costs at every stage of deployment.”

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