From Raw Story:

Paul Rosenzweig, former counsel to Whitewater independent counsel Ken Starr, told CNN on Monday that more important than Robert Mueller’s report were the “hundreds of thousands of documents” that back up his findings, which he said were “relevant” to Congress’ ability to conduct oversight of the executive branch.

“The report is going to be between 300 and 400 pages we know, and that’s a lot of information, but it, too, is just a recitation and a summary of the evidence that Mr. Mueller has collected,” said Rosenzweig.

“Lying behind that, we are told, are hundreds and hundreds of interviews, thousands and thousands of subpoenas and probably tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of pages of documents,” he added. “All of which are relevant to Congress’ inquiry into its oversight responsibilities and the fitness of the president.”

Rosenzweig noted that demands for those kinds of documents were simply not controversial, and used Starr’s investigation into President Bill Clinton as an example.

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