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Foundry Fellow Dyllan Brown-Bramble chats with Joel Scharlat, Director of Operations for the Cyber Bytes Foundation and Co-Founder of XR Village, Calli Schroeder, Global Privacy Counsel at EPIC, and Chris Riley, Senior Fellow at R Street, about the who, what, when, where and why of the Metaverse.

The conversation panel discussed what the Metaverse is, what it looks like, its future, and their thoughts on the pros and cons of AR/VR/XR technology.

Resources discussed:

This webinar was the first in a series of events we are having in anticipation of our 3rd annual Policy Hackathon which will take place virtually from October 14-16th and will be all about the Metaverse. Applications to participate in this year’s hackathon are open and will be until September 23rd. In addition, the Foundry is holding a student/recent graduation writing competition which is accepting entries until September 16th. You can find more information about the hackathon and writing competition on our website at

4 panelists on zoom, smiling discussing metaverse 101

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