The Citizen-Times is wrong to dismiss Sen. Wesley Meredith’s automobile insurance reform proposals out of hand (“Apodaca has a better idea on auto insurance,” March 8).
Fundamentally the bill that Sen. Meredith has proposed will make it much easier to introduce new automobile insurance products in the state, expand choice and increase competition.

Right now, North Carolina residents can’t get the same auto insurance products that people in other states can, and many of the state’s lowest-risk drivers pay rates far higher than they really should. Even if some other proposals might expand product offerings slightly, they would do nothing to remedy the unfairness at the heart of the current system.

North Carolina’s current auto insurance system is antiquated. For the most part, Sen. Meredith’s bill points in the right direction.

Eli Lehrer, Washington D.C.

Lehrer is the author of the John Locke Foundation Policy Study: “North Carolina’s Auto Insurance System: Still Unfair, Still in Need of Improvements.”

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