CLEVELAND (July 15, 2016) – R Street Energy Policy Director Catrina Rorke will highlight conservatives’ record in promoting sound environmental policies that advance clear, predictable, market-oriented results, as part of a forum this coming week devoted to showcasing leading conservative thinkers who focus on environmental sustainability.

Rorke will join other conservative experts on energy and environment issues as part of the Conservative Thought and Sustainability Forum, hosted July 20 in Cleveland by the American Sustainable Business Council. Her remarks will focus on how conservatives are inherently more interested in and comfortable with innovative industries, as well as why such industries thrive when they have access to open and competitive markets, rather than when government devises markets for them.

“Conservative policies are tailor-made to achieve the best results for our environment and our economy,” said Rorke. “This is an exciting opportunity to discuss how the next generation of clean energy technologies, economic opportunities, and positive environmental outcomes will be best realized through innovative, market-oriented conservative solutions.”

WHAT: Conservative Thought and Sustainability Forum

WHEN: July 20, 2016, from noon–4 p.m.

WHERE: Cleveland State University; 1801 Euclid Ave.; Cleveland, Ohio


Reservations are required and may be made HERE.

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