From Times Colonist:

It will be important to focus not on the cases that make the news, but on the lesser-known and far more frequent interactions that don’t, said former Baltimore public defender Nila Bala, a criminal justice expert with the D.C.-based libertarian R Street Institute.

“It’s very difficult to hold officers accountable unless things go extremely awry, as they did in George Floyd’s case,” Bala said.

“There are so many more day -to-day incidents that are not captured on video or are not so egregious, but are still an affront to human dignity … those are the cases I think we really need to think about.”

Bala acknowledged, however, that the track record in the U.S. suggests a steep uphill climb ahead.

“This is not a problem that’s going to be stopped by one verdict in one case,” she said. “There needs to be significant policing reform to rebuild the trust that’s been lost between many Americans and law enforcement.”

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