From ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) News:

A showdown is set for Thursday between the US President, Donald Trump, and his deputy attorney-general, Rod Rosenstein, who could resign or more likely be sacked.

If Rosenstein goes, there are questions about the future of the big project he oversees, the Mueller investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 US President election campaign.

Rosenstein took charge of the Mueller investigation, when the Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself over a personal conflict and Rosenstein has repeatedly frustrated the President and his supporters who want the Mueller investigation terminated.

But after successfully keeping the President at bay, Rosenstein’s future turned suddenly black after newspaper reports which he denied that last year, he had secretly considered wearing a wire to record the President and discussed removing the President under the 25th Amendment provisions of the US Constitution.

Paul Rosenzweig was senior counsel in the investigation of President Clinton and is now a senior fellow at the not for profit think tank, R Street Institute.

He expects Rod Rosenstein will be sacked and explains to PM who might replace him.

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