From Clockwise:

Instead of a No Meeting Day, The R Street Institute implemented “blackout periods” at the beginning of the pandemic. Each team picks a half day each week where workers aren’t expected to respond to any internal communications and may not have internal meetings.

“External meetings and doing work aren’t forbidden during this time but people are encouraged to use the time for family and personal business,” R Street President Eli Lehrer told me.

For example, R Street is boosting morale by closing the office altogether every other Friday through the end of August. “Almost everyone has canceled planned summer vacations and this is a sort of ‘make up’ for that,” Eli said. Shopify is also adding Fridays off through August to their longstanding No Meeting Wednesdays. Shopify worker Carl W Rivera tweeted that summer Fridays were “for R&R” and a “response to lower rates of vacation being scheduled, despite the increased mental pressure from the changing times that we’re in.”

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