The Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group examined the use of data and analyses in policymaking at the group’s July 17 meeting, including exploring the challenges Congress faces in attempting to implement evidence-based policymaking and how increasing congressional capacity could lead to more and better evidenced-based lawmaking.

Collectively, panelists Lucas Hitt of the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking, Andrew Reamer of George Washington University, Timothy Shaw of the Bipartisan Policy Center and R Street Vice President of Policy Kevin R. Kosar noted that Congress always has sought data and evidence to help it make policy, but legislators will disregard that evidence for at least a few reasons: values, distrust, and parochial and other pluralistic interests.

The Commission on Evidence-Based Policy to release its report this fall, which will advise Congress on how to increase the use of data and research in legislating and oversight.

Video of the panel is embedded below:


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