From Washington Times:

Opponents of the move are likely to argue adult smokers will need less harmful alternatives, such as e-cigarettes, or say the nicotine reduction is a de facto ban that will upend the industry, eliminate jobs and force smokers onto the black market.

“It may yield some public health benefit and, of course, the less people smoking cigarettes the better. But it will force smokers who do not abstain or who can’t quit into a dangerous and unregulated market,” said Mazen Saleh, policy director of integrated harm reduction at the R Street Institute, a Washington-based think tank. “In the absence of reduced-risk nicotine alternatives — they will turn to illicit markets and cigars.”

Altria, a large producer of cigarettes and related products, said the FDA should be focused on offering less harmful products than upending regular cigarettes. It also signaled it is digging in for a long regulatory process.

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