From R Street Institute:

Moderator: Tatyana Bolton, Policy Director for Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats, R Street Institute


Kate Charlet, Director for Data Governance, Google

Matt Gimovsky, Senior Principal Subcontracts Specialist, Raytheon Technologies

Dominique Harrison, Director for Technology Policy, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

Cory Simpson, Managing Director, Cybersecurity and Privacy, Ankura

R Street discusses our upcoming data security and data privacy white paper focused on the importance of federal privacy legislation. The study argues that a national law is necessary to create a foundation for a robust privacy/security framework in the United States and abroad. State privacy and security laws exist, but 50+ separate laws create a complicated web of different requirements for entities operating nationally. At the international level, cross-border data transfers are increasingly difficult because of America’s inability to find consensus and take legislative action. Although disagreements on pivotal issues of preemption, private right of action and enforcement authority has stalled comprehensive federal data privacy legislation, once these are resolved there is room for pragmatic privacy legislation to pass in the United States.

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