Bill Barr joins President Biden in calling for America to lead from behind on technology policy.

The only thing Europe exports now on the digital-technology front is regulation. That is why it is mind-boggling that William Barr (“Congress Must Halt Big Tech’s Power Grab,” op-ed, Jan. 23) joins President Biden (“Unite Against Big Tech Abuses,” op-ed, Jan. 12) in calling for America to lead from behind on technology policy, following in the footsteps of the European Union rather than further developing one of the largest sectors of our economy.

Neither mention the staggering costs of the EU’s big-government regulatory crusade against digital tech: Stagnant markets, limited innovation and a dearth of major players. Overregulation by EU bureaucrats led Europe’s best entrepreneurs and investors to flee to the U.S. or elsewhere in search of the freedom to innovate.

Yet Messrs. Barr and Biden would have us import the EU model to our shores and smother our best and brightest with similar red-tape burdens. This would be a stake through the heart of the “permissionless innovation” that made America’s info-tech economy a global powerhouse.

With China challenging America’s dominance in technology and AI, new mandates could compromise America’s lead. Shackling our tech sectors with regulatory chains will hobble our nation’s ability to meet global competition and undermine innovation and consumer choice domestically. Messrs. Barr and Biden’s call for bipartisan big government in tech markets must be rejected.

Adam Thierer

Senior Fellow, R Street Institute


Image credit: Yaran