After two years of serious work and a lot of fun, we at the R Street Institute feel like we’ve finally joined the big leagues. We’ve produced widely-circulated papers, hosted conversation-starting events and increased our footprint in DC and in the states.

To celebrate our motley crew becoming a going concern, we’ve decided to do what grown-up think tanks do and create some endowed chairs, and we’d like you to endow them! But don’t worry – like everything else with R Street, this isn’t your typical endowment opportunity. While we do plan to grow in the coming year, these chairs won’t cost you $1,000,000 over the next two years. Rather, we’d like you to make your mark on R Street by simply endowing our actual office chairs. And just about everything else in our office.

So now’s your chance! We’ve listed many items from our office, and the winner for each item can name it whatever he wants. Yes, you read that correctly – if you want Andrew to come in each day and sit in the “I love the Marketplace Fairness Act Chair for the Study of Internet Taxation,” you can do that! There’s something for every budget – from all of our chairs, to our coffee maker to office “decor” – a term we use lightly. We expect the strongest bidding war to be over R Street’s liquor cabinet.

The auction will last one week, after which the names of our items and their benefactors will be announced. Don’t let someone outbid you in this once in a lifetime opportunity! After all, most of you live in one of America’s most expensive cities and work for nonprofits – when are you going to get the chance to endow a chair again?

To visit the online auction, please click here.

*R Street reserves the right to have final approval over naming of endowed items.



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