From Washington Examiner:

FOSSIL FUEL GENERATORS AND CLEAN ENERGY GROUPS ASK FERC TO WEIGH CARBON PRICING: A broad coalition of power generators, clean energy groups, and think tanks joined Tuesday to ask the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to examine the implications of imposing carbon pricing in wholesale power markets.

The groups, including Advanced Energy Economy, Electric Power Supply Association, Natural Gas Supply Association, American Council on Renewable Energy, and R Street Institute, note in a letter to FERC that a carbon pricing program in wholesale power markets could help unify differing policies in states that participate in organized markets, some of which are considering carbon pricing and others that already have clean electricity mandates. “The unique features of organized wholesale electricity markets create an opportunity for integrating policies that directly price carbon emissions into energy market operations,” the letter said.

Added Devin Hartman of the R Street Institute: “Harmonizing state climate policies with competitive wholesale markets is critical.”

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