From National Review:

That is the conclusion Steven Greenhut draws in this article for Reason, citing the Texas school shooting.

He writes, “Large numbers of cops showed up. They hid behind walls to protect themselves. They milled around, conferred, and secured the perimeter, as the shooter emptied his weapon on helpless kids. They certainly wrote reports. As one headline noted, ‘Police delays may have deprived Texas schoolchildren of lifesaving care, experts say.’ That’s a safe bet.”

Nor is this sorry story an aberration.

Greenhut continues, “Yet look at how other shootings transpired. In 2018, Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 students in a high school in Parkland, Fla. As Cruz wandered the halls for 58 minutes, the school’s officer reportedly ‘drew his gun but failed to go in,’ the Sun-Sentinel reported. ‘Instead, he took cover between two other buildings. . . . Instead of ordering deputies toward the building, (he) used his radio to order a school lockdown. More deputies arrived, but hung back even though they could hear the gunfire.’”

Read the whole thing.

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