Absentee ballots are a long-standing American tradition, yet efforts to expand voter access to mail-in ballots during the coronavirus pandemic have been disparaged by some individuals on the right.

The R Street Institute’s latest policy paper explains why conservatives should embrace sensible measures to expand absentee balloting and rebuts the idea that the practice provides any partisan advantage. These trusted, age-old election practices are consistent with conservative principles of fairness, security, cost-effectiveness, freedom of choice and decency toward the elderly, infirmed and physically disabled.

“The overwhelming evidence indicates that well-designed and -implemented absentee voting is safe, secure and very popular with the public,” said Kevin Kosar, vice president for research partnerships at the R Street Institute, who co-authored the paper with Marc Hyden, director of state government affairs; and Steven Greenhut, resident senior fellow and western region director.

The paper explains:

Read the full policy paper, “The Conservative Case for Expanded Access to Absentee Ballots,” here.

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