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Political scientists pursue wide-ranging and diverse career paths. This interview series, developed by the APSA Professional Development Program, highlights the many different ways political scientists carry their skills and expertise into the workforce. For more information, including resources on career options outside of academia, visit APSA’s career page.

Kevin R. Kosar is senior fellow and governance project director with the R Street Institute. He co-directs the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group and edits His work has appeared in scholarly and professional journals, such as Presidential Studies QuarterlyPublic Administration Review and National Affairs; and in popular media, including the Washington Post,New York Times and The Weekly Standard. Prior to joining R Street, Kosar was a research manager and analyst at the Congressional Research Service, an agency within the Library of Congress. There, he advised members of Congress and committees on a range of legislative issues. Kosar earned a bachelor of arts from Ohio State University, and master’s and doctoral degrees in politics from New York University.

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