From Politico:

“My sense then as it is now was that it was not about leaking, but about intelligence gathering,” said former Starr probe attorney Paul Rosenzweig, now with the conservative R Street Institute think tank.

He added that Kavanaugh needed to have some degree of engagement with the press because his primary assignment at the outset of his tenure was to re-investigate the death of White House lawyer Vincent Foster.

The apparent suicide spawned a slew of conspiracy theories, largely propagated by right-wing media outlets and commentators — some obscure and some well-known, including talk show powerhouse Rush Limbaugh. “Ken’s view was that he needed to reopen [the Foster probe] and chase down every lead,” Rosenzweig added. “Many of us thought it was overkill and kind of unnecessary, but if you’re actually going to put conspiracy theorists to rest you sort of have to take them seriously.”

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