There’s something you have to admire about Sen. Bernie Sanders: when he commits to something, he commits all the way. While most of his ideas might be half-baked, at best, his belief in his own intellectual superiority and the superiority of his ideas – even though the Soviet Union tried them once and ended up collapsing under the weight of its own incompetence – is absolutely not tarnished in any way by the winds of reality. He is absolutely, 100 percent Bernie Sanders.

As we roll into the summer, when Democratic presidential nominees, all of whom are much closer to needing orthopedic shoes and hearing aids than they are to needing help with their student loans and employment opportunities, will be traipsing across the country, cynically trying to convince millennial voters that they still understand what it’s like to be young, hip and fun and that they’re very much interested in these whippersnappers’ craft beer and their double majors and their Beyoncé.

Bernie Sanders, man of the people, is trying to get a leg up on the competition by supporting a bill that would provide (at least) short-term, government-sponsored employment to college students whose majors are so useless, it’s either work in a government-training program or busk under a bridge. It’ll only cost you taxpayers $5 billion, so no biggie.

The Employ Young Americans Now Act is the sort of legislation that would have struggled even in a Democratic Congress. In a Capitol controlled by Republicans, it might as well propose taxing churches to pay for sex reassignment surgeries on a moon base. The legislation, introduced by Michigan Representative John Conyers, would create a $5.5 billion fund, $4 billion earmarked for the employment of people between 16 and 24, $1.5 billion for job training grants. There are no pay-fors. It would ask a Congress that is dead-set against ‘big government’ to employ people, with the help of big government….

‘In America now we spend nearly $200 billion on public safety, including $70 billion on correctional facilities each and every year,’ said Sanders from the front of the room. ‘So, let me be very clear: in my view it makes a lot more sense to invest in jobs, in job training, and in education than spending incredible amounts of money on jails and law enforcement.’

The gender-reassignment bill would probably get farther, knowing Caitlyn Jenner’s voting record and Newt Gingrich’s moon base plans.

This bill might just work – if anyone was able to actually manage a government program of this size and budget. And if the answer to curbing youth violence and drug use were as simple as giving people jobs. Unsurprisingly, Sanders’ co-sponsor on the bill is John Conyers, who hails from Detroit, and who should know – were he ever actually interested in representing his district – that such programs, while well-intentioned, inevitably turn out to be administrative nightmares that become retirement programs for federal employees, not assistance programs for underserved youth.

There’s also no word as to where that $5.5 billion would come from. The best source is, of course, student-loan revenue. Which makes the whole program painfully ironic.

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