From Fox News:

“In committee, there is one rule in the Judiciary Committee rules, any member can postpone a business meeting for a week,” James Wallner, resident senior fellow for governance of the R Street Institute, told Fox News. “Republicans will probably, if they needed to, likely, I would imagine, get rid fo that rule if it stood in between them and confirming the justice if they have the votes.”

Wallner added that there is also a rule requiring two Democratic members to be physically present for a quorum for the committee to do business.

“Republicans can simply change that rule, too,” he said. “And Democrats should expect that they will. But what they’re trying to do is not bottle her up in committee, what they’re trying — what they should be trying to do if they would like to defeat her or prevent her confirmation before Election Day — is to redefine that narrative.”

The most effective narrative if Democrats want to pressure Republicans into voting against Barrett in an eventual floor vote, Wallner said, is to create the narrative that what the Senate is doing is unprecedented.

“If you’re Democrats right now, you want to kind of play up that and emphasize that,” he said. “And if you’re Republicans, you want to kind of project normalcy and routine and habit and you want to reassure your members and their constituents that this is fine.”

Image credit:  lev radin

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