From the South Morning China Post:

We write to express our dismay at the proposed complete ban on the sale of e-cigarettes, heated tobacco products and other reduced risk tobacco products in Hong Kong (“Hong Kong pushes ahead with blanket ban on e-cigarettes”, February 13). This will damage Hong Kong’s reputation for both public health and as a cradle of innovation.

We can find no credible evidence that suggests this ban will meet its stated objective of reducing smoking rates, and its proponents have not presented any. On the contrary, a policy of denying smokers access to much safer products and new ways to quit smoking carries the risk of further entrenching the smoking habit. This danger has not been recognised by the Legislative Council.We cannot see any ethical or scientific reason why a government would ban products with much lower risk than cigarettes, while cigarettes remain available everywhere in Hong Kong. Take it from a smoker: vaping ban will push more to light up

We hope the legislature will have the good sense to reverse this approach and embrace the public health opportunity of e-cigarettes. The alternative – public policy paralysis – helps no one.

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