Mass media are in complete denial of the voluminous scientific literature supporting e-cigarettes as harm-reduction products.  A recent report on National Public Radio is representative.  The host set up the story in classic fashion, pitting “expert” harm reduction naysayers against lay e-cigarette users, store owners and marketers.  The argument was settled before it began.

Are the media unable to find tobacco research and policy experts who support e-cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction?  Although we are relatively few, we are widely published and highly visible – testifying, editorializing, providing interviews when invited.  Independent and articulate authorities on tobacco harm reduction in the United States include:

Carl Phillips from Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives

Michael Siegel at Boston University

Joel Nitzkin at R Street

Gil Ross at the American Council on Science and Health

Jeff Stier at the National Center for Public Policy Research

International experts include:

David Sweanor in Canada

Clive Bates and Christopher Snowdon in the United Kingdom

Karl Fagerström and Lars Ramstöm in Sweden

Karl Erik Lund in Norway

Riccardo Polosa (interviewed here) and Pasquale Caponnetto in Italy
Tobacco harm reduction is a worldwide phenomenon, and it deserves balanced and judicious media coverage.  Journalists, start with this list.

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