For nonprofit organizations, fundraising is a critical aspect of their operations. However, it can be challenging for leaders to ensure that their fundraising efforts align with their organization’s mission and values. When fundraising is not aligned it can damage the organization’s reputation and undermine the trust of donors and stakeholders.

To avoid these pitfalls, nonprofit leaders must take steps to ensure that their fundraising efforts are ethical and effective. Below, 15 Forbes Nonprofit Council experts share tips for nonprofit leaders to ensure that their organization’s fundraising efforts align with its mission and values…

15. Decline Misaligned Funding

Cultivate the ability, throughout the organization, to say no to misaligned donors and funding. Theoretically, the mission should always drive the funding, but without stating clear guardrails upfront around what alignment looks like, calibration occurs at an individual level rather than an organizational one. – Erica SchoderR Street Institute