, The Hill
The progressive climate plan is heavy on symbols and burdens
Devin Hartman

Democrats unveiled a sweeping climate proposal this week. While the progressive plan will not pass this year, it does provide a road map for next year. Democrats should take the time to reconsider…

, Governing
The Care States Need to Take with Contact Tracing Apps
Kathryn Waldron

When smartphone contact tracing apps were first rolled out to combat COVID-19, many state and federal officials latched onto the idea as a way to protect public health while still allowing states to…

, National Review
Will Congress Rein in Tariff Abuse?
Clark Packard & Halie Craig

Last week, the Supreme Court declined to hear arguments in a case filed by American steel importers challenging the constitutionality of the Trump administration’s 25 percent tariffs on foreign…

State legislators may deserve a raise, but not just yet
Marc Hyden

The Georgia General Assembly finally wrapped up the 2020 legislative session on June 26. It was the longest session in recent memory, stretching from January to June thanks to the coronavirus…

Some Scary Propositions
Steven Greenhut

Ever since Gov. Hiram Johnson in 1911 instituted the right to initiative, recall, and referendum, California has embarked on an unparalleled level of direct democracy — something that has turned…

Shocker: State energy policies help rich over the poor
Steven Greenhut

A prominent new study from UCLA researchers about California’s energy policies is fascinating not so much for its Captain Obvious conclusions, but because it points to a growing rift on in the…

, USA Today
Trump and Barr are making false claims about mail-in ballots to scare us out of voting
Paul Rosenzweig & Bryson Bort

President Donald Trump votes by mail.  As does Vice President Mike Pence, and so do more than a dozen senior Trump officials. Nearly 80% of voters in Arizona and over 60% in Montana — not…

, Real Clear Energy
Don’t Let Washington Regulate Rooftop Electricity
Josiah Neeley

As we head into summer, the prospects of a federal takeover of state electric policy is heating up in Washington. While the issues involved sound technical, behind them lay important questions about…

, Utility Dive
Federalizing net metering is unequivocally anti-conservative
Devin Hartman

On June 15, tens of thousands of comments poured in on a controversial petition filed by the New England Ratepayers Association (NERA). The petition requests that FERC assert its jurisdiction over…

American Relief Packages Mirror Rome’s
Marc Hyden

“There is nothing new under the sun,” according to a proverb in Ecclesiastes, which still rings true today. In fact, after Congress approved the largest relief package in history – totaling…