Keep Calm and Carry on with State Criminal Justice Reform
Jesse Kelley & Arthur Rizer

The passage of the First Step Act by the federal government one year ago marked a significant change in the way states approached the issue of criminal justice reform. Some states, like Florida, have…

, Washington Examiner
You shouldn’t need a government license to blow-dry Mark Zuckerberg’s hairy armpits
Shoshana Weissmann

New reporting claims that Mark Zuckerberg has aides blow-dry his armpits before important speaking events to reduce his profuse anxiety-related sweating. Unless the Facebook CEO has licensed…

, The American Spectator
Taking Property for Fun and Profit
Steven Greenhut

After a group of homeless moms simply moved into a vacant three-bedroom house in Oakland owned by a company that invests in local real estate, local progressives turned them into folk heroes. These…

, Washington Examiner
How Mitch McConnell masters the Senate
James Wallner

During the Great Depression, the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and poet Carl Sandburg posed the question, “What is history but a few Big Names plus People?” Eighty-four years later, the…

, The Crime Report
Polarized Politics Got You Down? Chill Out With Justice Reform
Emily Mooney

For those of us wary of political infighting, it’s been a tiresome few months.

Just the past few weeks alone featured the Iowa Caucus meltdown, the president’s State of the Union address,…

, The Newnan Times Herald
Bipartisan Effort to Repeal Georgia’s Death Penalty
Marc Hyden

Georgia led the nation in executions a few short years ago, and while that may seem to imply that the Peach State’s capital punishment system is thriving, that couldn’t be further from the…

, Los Angeles Times
George Washington has a warning for Donald Trump — and all of us
Paul Rosenzweig

Every year since 1896, on or near George Washington’s birthday, a member of the U.S. Senate has read aloud the first president’s farewell address on the Senate floor. The party of the reader…

, The American Interest
Build Them Up, Don’t Let Them Down
Philip Wallach

The very long subtitle of Yuval Levin’s new book, A Time to Build, states the book’s main program clearly enough: “From family and community to Congress and the campus, how recommitting to our…

, LegBranch
There is no app for self-government
James Wallner

There is, at present, a widespread sense among Americans that something has broken politics. Most people think the problem is unchecked partisan rancor and escalating ideological warfare between…

, Slate
Did the Early Internet Activists Blow It?
Mike Godwin

A couple of weeks ago, I went to lunch with a prominent journalist who wanted to ask me about Wikipedia. I had been general counsel for the Wikimedia Foundation for a few years during a time when the…