, The American Mind
Just Emote, then Vote Remote
Philip Wallach

The Future of American Government?

“The situation of parliamentarism is critical today because the development of modern mass democracy has made argumentative public discussion an empty…

, reason
Trump’s Confrontation With Iran Shows Americans Have Learned Not To Rush Into War
Steven Greenhut

After President Trump ordered the extrajudicial killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said publicly that this act of war was justified because of an “imminent”…

, Law & Liberty
Congress Rebuked but Not Reimagined
Philip Wallach

“If we break this contract, throw us out. We mean it.” So pronounced the bottom line of a Republican National Committee ad, which laid out the Contract With America to TV Guide readers ahead of…

, Inside Sources
3 Paths Forward for Rental Car Taxes
Nick Zaiac

America’s transportation market has changed dramatically over the last decade. From being able to call a cab anywhere to renting scooters to avoid using cars altogether, Americans have more options…

, The American Spectator
Progressive Rhetoric, Regressive Policies
Steven Greenhut

Over the last nine years, California has boosted its spending on public schools and community colleges by 80 percent, and the results are pretty conclusive. California’s low-income students…

, Washington Examiner
Low corporate tax rates are how we win on the global economic stage
Clark Packard

With global absolute poverty levels declining dramatically in recent decades, it is clear that globalization, the movement of people, culture, ideas, goods, services, and capital across borders, has…

, CircleID
Here’s How We Can Truly #SaveDotOrg
Mike Godwin

Many of my friends in the civil-liberties and Internet-law communities have been criticizing the Internet Society’s agreement to sell the Public Interest Registry, which administers the .ORG…

, LegBranch
It’s time to amend the War Powers Resolution
Anthony Marcum

The House of Representatives voted last week to prevent President Trump from engaging in additional hostilities against Iran without congressional approval. A similar measure is pending in the Senate…

, Insider Advantage
Raising the Age of Adult Criminal Responsibility a Matter of Dollars and (Common) Sense
Marc Hyden

The budget crunch is on, and bean counters are hard at work trying to figure out a way to balance the state’s budget, keep Georgia’s coveted AAA bond rating, and do so without disrupting…

, National Interest
Resistance Is Futile: The Real Reason Why China Seeks Submissive Partners
Kathryn Waldron

When Deng Xiaoping enacted China’s Open Door Policy in 1978, many Westerners assumed the liberalization of China’s economy would eventually be matched by a similar liberalization in the…