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New York Post opioid coverage is divisive, fear-mongering tabloid fodder
Stacey McKenna & Christi Smith

Drug addicts shooting up. Needle-wielding deviants running rampant. Police standing idly by as heroin flows into arms, and needles are swapped in streets and parks. This is the grim picture the New…

, Tech Policy Press
Deciphering the Encryption Debate
Sofia Lesmes & Kathryn Waldron

Governments worldwide are pushing for access to encrypted messages. The Five Eyes alliance—including the United States, via the Department of Justice—along with other nations such as India and…

, Inside Sources
The Debt Limit Isn’t the Problem. Spending Is.
Jonathan Bydlak

Headline after headline during recent months has centered on the fight to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. Many emphasized a potential doomsday scenario that could unfold if the limit isn’t…

Harvesting Another Trade War: Ad Hoc Farm Subsidies and Our WTO Commitments
Clark Packard


Beginning in the 1930s the United States led the global charge toward a rules-based trading system. The goals of this bipartisan policy were: to increase economic growth and promote…

Three Takeaways from the Supreme Court Commission’s Preliminary Report
Anthony Marcum

Making good on a campaign pledge, President Joe Biden recently created a bipartisan commission to study and draft a report concerning potential reforms to the U.S. Supreme Court. Now, after summer…

Texas grid reforms must not overlook natural gas supply
Josiah Neeley

Eight months after Winter Storm Uri left much of Texas in the dark, researchers and regulators are still trying to figure out what exactly caused such widespread power plant failures, and how to…

Modernizing the Alcohol Supply Chain for the 21st Century
C. Jarrett Dieterle

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, “logistics” was becoming a popular buzzword. While logistics may sound like an esoteric topic that is only of interest to…

Cutting off consumers to spite big tech
Jeffrey Westling

There’s an old saying about not cutting off your nose to spite your face—and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) may be falling victim to it. In a war against any large technology platform, the Senator…

, The Hill
Frances Haugen is the exception, not the rule
Mary Brooks

Last week, the congressional spotlight was again on Facebook, as former product manager Frances Haugen testified before a Senate subcommittee that the social media company continues to put profit…

, Orange County Register
Signings cap an oddly reasonable legislative year
Steven Greenhut

No California legislative year is complete without the passage of some asinine bills that promote progressive hobbyhorses, and this latest one was no exception. By the deadline last weekend, Gov….

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