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Coalition Opposes State App Store Mandates
Wayne Brough

Dear Senator/Representative:

We, the undersigned, oppose state regulations on online application distribution platforms, more commonly known as app stores. Google’s Play Store is the largest app…

Letter to the Michigan Senate Health Policy and Human Services Committee on Ocular Telehealth
Courtney Joslin

Dear Chair VanderWall, Vice Chair Bizon, Minority Vice Chair Brinks, and members of the Michigan Senate Health Policy and Human Services Committee:

My name is Courtney Joslin and I am a resident…

, USA Today
Electric cars aren’t the climate-change answer Joe Biden is selling you
Ashley Nunes

America is going green. Recently, President Joe Biden unveiled plans to accelerate the transition toward electric cars. The move — neatly packaged as the American Jobs Plan — is being sold as…

To preserve the Paris Agreement, embrace bipartisanship
Philip Rossetti

In response to President Joe Biden’s reentry to the Paris Agreement, Republicans have launched a bill, sponsored by the ranking members of the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, Energy and…

, The Newnan Times-Herald
Boycotting the Boycott
Marc Hyden

On a recent trip, I settled into the comfortable seats of my Delta Airlines flight. After landing, I frantically refreshed my phone to see how my Atlanta Braves were faring and enjoyed a couple mixed…

We need more anger over unemployment fraud scandal
Steven Greenhut

“I’m madder than a penguin on Miami Beach over all the mealy-mouthed politicians whining about the economy and not doing anything about it,” wrote pseudonymous columnist Ed Anger, in the…

R Street Joins Coalition of 23 in Support of Pro-Growth Business Tax Policy
Jonathan Bydlak

Dear Chairman Wyden, Chairman Neal, Ranking Member Crapo, and Ranking Member Brady:

On behalf of the undersigned taxpayer, free-market, and consumer advocacy organizations, we ask you to…

New Cyber Nominees: What’s in Store?
Tatyana Bolton & Sofia Lesmes

After almost three months of silence on key cybersecurity nominations from the White House—which garnered indignation from lawmakers and experts alike—the administration announced its nominees on…

If you don’t like the score, play better
Nan Swift

Senate Democrats, frustrated their increasingly costly agenda is hitting some speedbumps (also known as business as usual), are considering a novel—and dangerous—solution to their legislative…

, Legislative Procedure
The Filibuster Is Not A Veto
James Wallner

The filibuster is one of the Senate’s most recognizable features. The Washington Post recently called it “the most important rule in politics.” The filibuster is important, according to…