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, StateScoop
How state and local governments can prepare for ransomware
Franklin Lee

Over the past few months, ransomware attacks abounded, ranging from the Colonial pipeline, the meat industry and, most recently, the software vendor Kaseya. State and local organizations —…

, The American Spectator
Progressives Declare Credit Scores Are Racist
Steven Greenhut

The latest battle against structural racism has taken a bizarre turn, as progressives have declared that the use of credit scoring for determining certain financial decisions is inherently…

, The Hill
‘Biden Inflation’ made simple: Borrow from the Fed, take away from the rest of us
Alex J. Pollock

“What is the difference between banking and politics?” a pointed old witticism goes. “Banking is borrowing money from the public and lending it to your friends. Politics is taking money from…

, National Review
Washington, D.C.’s Foolish Flavored-Tobacco Ban
Mazen Saleh & Chelsea Boyd

Mayor Muriel Bowser signed into law a ban on the sale of all flavored tobacco products in the District of Columbia, the latest in a long line of bans limiting the sale of tobacco. Though noble in…

App stores help make smartphones smart. Epic v. Apple could change that.
Canyon Brimhall

What you need to know:  

App stores provide a safe and convenient way for consumers to access the apps that make their smartphones useful.

Developers benefit from a secure platform that…

The Tobacco Landscape in India: An Argument for Harm Reduction
Chelsea Boyd

Press release: Why Harm Reduction is the Right Path Forward for India

Image credit: unknownshree

Birth Control Access in Indiana
Courtney Joslin & Alan Smith
, The Newnan Times-Herald
Is the recent special election a bellwether for Georgia’s GOP?
Marc Hyden

Plenty of newspaper space has been dedicated to what the future holds for the Republican Party—especially here in Georgia. While long considered an impenetrable GOP bastion, the Peach State’s…

Hack the Plant Episode 13: Biden Admin’s Cybersecurity Executive Order
William Gray & Bryson Bort

“I think the public-private partnership model is so important. And if we jettison that in favor of mandates and regulation, you’re going to change that relationship between the government and the…

Statesman with a Servant’s Heart: Sen. Michael Enzi (1944-2021)
Nan Swift

R Street Institute was saddened to learn of former Sen. Michael Enzi’s (R-Wyo.) passing. He was a thoughtful, kind and humble man who did not seek the limelight, but toiled at the solemn, difficult…

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