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, Insurance Journal
Insurance Companies – Heels or Heroes?
Jerry Theodorou

The insurance industry is far from the economy’s most-admired sector. A Forbes survey found insurance ranking low in popularity in the public eye. Three main reasons are responsible for…

, Reason
Virginia’s Awful Alcohol Laws Could Finally Get Fixed, Thanks to COVID and Gov. Youngkin
C. Jarrett Dieterle

Perhaps more than any other state, Virginia is the cradle of American history. Four of the first five presidents hailed from Virginia, and its countryside is dotted with famous Founding Father…

, Newnan Times-Herald
Reading the Legislative Tea leaves of 2022
Marc Hyden

Gov. Brian Kemp recently delivered his remarks at the annual State of the State address before a joint session of the Georgia General Assembly. During his roughly 25-minute speech, he touted…

Prioritizing Achievable Federal Election Reform – Data Deep Dive
Matt Germer

The Bipartisan Policy Center, the American Enterprise Institute, Issue One, R Street, and Unite America recently released a new framework for achievable, bipartisan federal election reform.


Diversion Options for Broward County
Lisel Petis

At one time, an officer’s job was well defined as law and order. Nowadays, officers are unrealistically required to be social workers, emergency medical technicians and counselors, in…

, Orange County Register
Modern Pharisees think government creates virtue
Steven Greenhut

During my first trip to Salt Lake City, I wandered from my hotel room in search of a drink, found a modest pub and went to order a beer or three. “Sir, this is a private club,” the bouncer told…

The Ignored Aspects of the Senate’s Antitrust Effort: Cybersecurity and Privacy
Tatyana Bolton & Brandon Pugh

Our last explainer focused on the American Choice and Innovation Online Act (H.R.3816) and Augmenting Compatibility and Competition by Enabling Service Switching Act of 2021 (H.R.3849). This…

Framework for Federal Election Reform – One Page Summary
Matt Germer

The Bipartisan Policy Center, the American Enterprise Institute, Issue One, R Street, and Unite America’s framework for bipartisan election legislation.
These policy…

New Report: Prioritizing Achievable Federal Election Reform
Matt Germer


Stark partisan dividing lines in Congress currently distract from potential areas of common ground in fostering an election system that puts voters first by being fair,…

, Orange County Register
California becomes ground zero for booze by mail again
C. Jarrett Dieterle

The Golden State appears poised to once again play an outsized role in the future of alcohol in America. Over three decades ago, California was at the vanguard of allowing cross-country wine…

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