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Regulatory Restriction Of E-Vapor Products Under International Human Rights Law
Carrie Wade

The right to health is a prerogative inherent to every human being. The protection of the human right to health requires States to take into consideration this objective in the design and…

, The National Interest
Are Trump’s Border Policies Driving Down Illegal Immigration?
Jonathan Haggerty

Illegal border crossings reached their highest point in over a decade this year, but the numbers have declined every month since May. How much of this recent drop can we attribute to the…

Free people don’t ask the government for permission
Steven Greenhut

We’ve just celebrated another Veteran’s Day, where we’ve heard all the usual “freedom isn’t free” speeches extolling the role of the United States military in protecting our liberties….

Memorandum to the Public and BPD Members
Nila Bala

November 15, 2019
Memorandum to the Public and BPD Members
RE: Draft Policy 1207, Youth Interrogations

The Baltimore Police…

, The Hill
Police officers should not have to handle every crisis in their paths
Lars Trautman

The crises playing out daily in streets across the country are diverse, yet the people responding to them tend to be the same. Whether an incident involves a person committing a crime, suffering a…

Why Parcels Can’t Save the Postal Service
Nick Zaiac

It’s mid-November—the air has gotten colder and the leaves are dropping faster with each blustery day. The holiday shopping season has begun, moving from Veteran’s Day specials to Black Friday…

Letter requesting changes to H.R. 3167, National Flood Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2019
R.J. Lehmann

Dear Minority Leader McCarthy, Minority Whip Scalise, and Ranking Member McHenry:

Our organizations write in response to the recent letter from 64 members to House leadership requesting changes to…

, The American Spectator
A Hands-Off Approach to Driverless Cars
Steven Greenhut

California has gained the obvious and well-earned reputation for having a regulatory environment that stifles innovation and restrains any company that comes up with new ideas. The most disturbing…

, Washington Examiner
Regulators must unleash new nuclear power technology to fight climate change
William Murray

Lost in the hubbub over climate lawsuits and unrest is how investments in emissions-reduction technology made over the past decade are starting to improve the clean energy marketplace.


Congressional Undersight
Casey Burgat

The legislative branch simply does not have the levels of staff resources, funding or expertise to conduct effective oversight of the executive branch, including—and perhaps even especially—on…