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, RealClearPolicy
In the Age of the Internet, State Regulation of Consumer Products is Almost Impossible
Eli Lehrer

When it suits them, nearly all politicians say they support letting states make their own decisions. Take, for example, Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) who has stood for increased federal…

, Legislative Procedure
A Step-by-Step Guide to What Happened in the Senate Judiciary Committee
James Wallner

The Senate Judiciary Committee held an executive business meeting last week to dispose of the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court created by the death of…

Why Public Service? Episode 9: Andrew Rotherham
Kevin Kosar & William Gray

“Anyone who’s listening who’s thinking about getting into education should familiarize themselves to some extent with just the general education data of this country to just appreciate just the…

Local Flavor Bans Are a Bad Idea
Alec Ulasevich
Winning the Water Wars
Steven Greenhut

In his new Pacific Research Institute book Winning the Water Wars, journalist and R Street Institute western region director Steven Greenhut writes that California can end its decades-long battles…

, Star Advertiser
Free state’s struggling workers from burdensome regulations
Anthony Lamorena

The once-thriving Hawaii economy has become a casualty from the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Adding further insult to injury, the contention around the state’s current plans to reopen the…

, The Dispatch
ICE’s Sanctuary City Crackdown Is Likely to Be Both Ineffective and Costly
Jonathan Haggerty

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has announced plans to conduct large-scale arrests in three sanctuary jurisdictions in the upcoming weeks. This move signals a tough-on-immigration commitment to…

, The Newnan Times-Herald
Early voting critiques seem off base
Marc Hyden

Georgia’s first day of early voting didn’t go very smoothly to say the very least. Rather, it was marked by technical glitches and unbearable long lines. Local news outlets reported wait times…

In state government, no good idea goes unpunished
Steven Greenhut

If you owned a company that was hemorrhaging cash and a local branch manager came up with a creative idea that could save oodles of money while significantly improving the quality of services for…

, The American Spectator
California’s Ballot-Box Follies
Steven Greenhut

The California Republican Party made national news this week after it took responsibility for placing 50 ballot drop boxes throughout Orange, Los Angeles, and Fresno counties as part of a…