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, Governing
The Wrong Way to Tax Ridesharing
C. Jarrett Dieterle

Few technological success stories in recent years have been more remarkable than that of the ridesharing market. Smartphones have expanded a niche industry mostly catering to airport travelers and…

Letter to Senate Banking Committee on SAFE Banking Act
R.J. Lehmann

December 11, 2019

The Honorable Mike Crapo
Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs
U.S. Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

The Honorable Sherrod Brown
Ranking Member

, Brookings
The minority witness rule explained, and why it might be irrelevant for impeachment
Casey Burgat

In nearly every hearing throughout the President Trump impeachment saga, in both the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Judiciary Committee, Republican panelists have raised a point…

, LegBranch
There is more to dilatory motions than people think
Casey Burgat

Wednesday’s first Judiciary Committee in the House’s impeachment inquiry highlights the various ways in which legislators use dilatory motions to slow the chamber’s decision-making…

, The American Spectator
The Latest Bureaucratic Attack on Gun Rights
Steven Greenhut

Sorry, Californians, but your Second Amendment rights have been canceled — or at least placed on hold — because of clerical errors.

Based on data that the California Department of Justice…

, RealClearPolicy
We Deliver for Who? USPS Financial Woes Continue; Congressional Reform Unlikely.
Kevin Kosar

About $8.8 billion — that is how much the U.S. Postal Service lost in the past year. That is an eye-popping number. The agency is also carrying $11 billion in debt and has more than $120 billion…

, The Washington Times
Another government shutdown threatens to put craft breweries on ice
Christina Pesavento

When the government shut down last December, Americans began to discover just how far the feds’ reach had stretched. From air travel and national park visits to homebuying and mail delivery, people…

Testimony In Opposition to SB 198, “A BILL regarding out-of-network care.”
Alan Smith

Testimony from:
Alan Smith, Midwest Region Director, R Street Institute
In OPPOSITION to SB 198, “A BILL regarding out-of-network care.”
December 11, 2019
Senate Insurance and Financial…

, National Review
USMCA Trade Deal: Key Improvements on NAFTA, Step toward Broader Trade Liberalization
Clark Packard

After another tumultuous negotiation, House Democrats and the Trump administration have announced an agreement to move forward with the USMCA, the flawed but salvageable product of lengthy and…

, The Fulcrum
The broken budget process is a democracy reform issue
Kevin Kosar

It is difficult to overstate how wrecked the federal budget process is. Late last month, President Trump signed a 30-day stopgap funding measure to dodge a government shutdown. This was the second…