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If you want to fix policing, then rein in police unions
Steven Greenhut

My Dad and I never agreed on politics given that he was unabashedly liberal in his views. He was a public-school teacher in New Jersey, so one would have expected that, as a proud Democrat, he would…

, The Federalist Society
Seeking Success: Reforming America’s Community Supervision System
Arthur Rizer

Criminal justice reform is having a moment. The protests after the death of George Floyd, in police custody in Minneapolis, focused mostly on aggressive policing but also highlighted how policing…

, Newsweek
With Family Detention Centers ‘On Fire,’ Separations Are Not the Answer
Jonathan Haggerty

U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee ruled June 26 that U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) must release at least 120 children held in detention with their families by mid-July. The nation’s…

How Not to Build Pipelines
Josiah Neeley

Pipelines are in the news again, as they often are. This week a federal judge ordered the Dakota Access pipeline temporarily shut down so that a more thorough review of the pipeline’s environmental…

, The American Spectator
Doubling Down on a Job Killer
Steven Greenhut

The beauty of federalism is it allows individual states to try various public-policy experiments and then allows people in other states to sit back, observe the results, and decide whether or not…

The Power of the Spending Tracker
Jonathan Bydlak

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Over the last few months, Congress has appropriated trillions of dollars in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid this flurry of spending, annual…

, Washington Examiner
Agriculture support should be temporary and targeted, just like all other federal coronavirus aid
Jonathan Bydlak & Clark Packard

One of the underappreciated aspects of the federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic is the degree to which various interests have succeeded in obtaining additional funding for favored programs….

Pragmatic tobacco policy can decrease youth use without affecting adult smokers
Chelsea Boyd

Review by: Chelsea Boyd

Officials have referred to youth e-cigarette use as an “epidemic” and have continued to sound alarms that vaping lures a new generation to a lifetime of nicotine use….

Coalition Letter Supporting FTC’s Updated Contact Lens Rule
C. Jarrett Dieterle

Dear Chair Lowey, Ranking Member Granger, Chair Quigley, Ranking Member Graves and Distinguished Members of the Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee,

We write today as a…

John Roberts and Supreme Court Precedents
Anthony Marcum

From The Wall Street Journal:

You decry Justice Roberts’s concurrence in June Medical Services v. Russo, arguing, in part, that his reliance on precedent is misplaced. You claim he ignored…