, The Hill
The truth about government spending and the carbon tax
Josiah Neeley & William Murray

Since World War II, Congress has passed and presidents have signed more than 30 major changes to the tax code. These changes have had a dramatic impact on the U.S. economy and, one would expect, on…

, National Review
Tear Up the Farm Bill and Start Over
Caroline Kitchens

As usual, things are behind schedule in Washington. After months of wrangling, Congress is trying to push a compromise farm bill over the finish line at the eleventh hour by larding it up with…

, The Washington Examiner
George H.W. Bush’s legacy should last long after his burial
Clark Packard

Last Tuesday, I stood silently inside the rotunda of the Capitol paying respects to President George H.W. Bush. Along with James Baker — his secretary of state, longtime friend, closest confidante,…

, California Policy Center
Surplus masks deep fiscal problems, especially in school districts
Steven Greenhut

As Gov. Jerry Brown heads into the sunset, he leaves California’s general-fund budget in remarkably sound shape, according to an analysis last month from the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s…

, Knoxville News-Sentinel
Time for TVA to face some competition
Marc Hyden

In the throes of the Great Depression, the federal government experimented with programs to jump-start the economy, and many of them still exist. But over time, it has become apparent that not all…

, Albuquerque Journal
Prisons or public schools? What will NM decide?
Emily Mooney

States slower to embrace comprehensive criminal justice reform are facing a series of difficult choices, and everyone loses. New Mexico prisons are running out of space. According to N.M. Sentencing…

A Dying Shame: The state is not God, and the death penalty is not infallible
Arthur Rizer & Marc Hyden

No person shall “be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” Thus, according to the Fifth Amendment, capital punishment is permissible by the law of the land…

, The Hill
Abusing trade law to ban iPhones is not in the public interest
Bill Watson

An otherwise ordinary legal dispute between three American tech giants has taken a bizarre turn, leading a federal trade agency to consider whether enforcing one company’s patent rights could end up…

, Reason
California’s Republican Party Is Irrelevant. Embracing Criminal Justice Reform Could Help Change That.
Steven Greenhut

California’s two major Republican factions—conservatives and moderates—have been arguing about the future of the party for at least two decades. They don’t agree on much, but after the California…

, The Weekly Standard
David Bahr

In his “Restatement on Xenophon’s Hiero,” Leo Strauss, the 20th-century political philosopher credited with reviving Xenophon’s status as a philosopher on par with thinkers like Plato and…