, The Bulwark
What Conservatives Get Wrong About Rebuilding Struggling Communities
Andy Smarick

This piece was adapted from a longer article in National Affairs.

Support for decentralized authority and an active civil society are embedded in conservative orthodoxy, but they play too small…

, The Crime Report
Ban the Box for Colleges, Too
Jesse Kelley

A growing number of Americans are required to physically check a box on all sorts of applications — including those for education, jobs and even housing — if they have a criminal history. Sadly,…

, Reason
Trump’s Immigration Rhetoric Carries Shades of 1994 Proposition That Killed California GOP
Steven Greenhut

I had yet to migrate to California from the Midwest in 1994 when Proposition 187, which banned most public services for illegal immigrants, passed overwhelmingly. It received nearly 59 percent of…

, Commercial Appeal
Better choices than new youth detention center
Emily Mooney

The Shelby County Commission is scheduled to vote Monday on whether to allocate $1.3 million to develop construction plans for a new youth detention center.
While the current detention center has…

, Washington Times
‘What constitutes a real national emergency’?
Paul Rosenzweig

In the classic comedy, “The Russians Are Coming,” several Russian sailors try to empty the streets of a New England town by walking around telling the citizens, in humorously broken English:…

, Orange County Register
Tucker Carlson slams markets, echoes rhetoric of leftists
Steven Greenhut

When I heard Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson’s rambling attack on “market capitalism,” I was reminded of that circular theory of politics. Some political thinkers go so far to the right that…

, Barron's
Golden Years
Alex J. Pollock

After considering the many problems of retirement finance in a lower-return world, the article (“The New Retirement Strategy,” Jan. 5), gets to David Blanchett’s suggestion: “It might be…

, The Hill
States can reform youth probation with federal reform across the line
Emily Mooney

At the tail end of 2018, the House and Senate banded together to pass the Juvenile Justice Reform Act of 2018. JJRA reauthorizes the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act, which funds…

, Insider Advantage
Georgia’s Insurance Regulation Needs Improvement
R.J. Lehmann & Marc Hyden

Like the underachieving student in the back of the class, Georgia recently earned a C grade for its regulation of the insurance market, as laid out in the annual Insurance Regulation Report Card…

, American Banker
The Fed is technically insolvent. Should anybody care?
Alex J. Pollock

As the new year begins, we find that the Federal Reserve is insolvent on a mark-to-market basis. Should we care? Should the banks that own the stock of the Fed care?

The Fed disclosed in December…