It’s time for environmentalists to back revenue-neutral carbon tax
Steven Greenhut

Few states are as environmentally friendly as Washington, and few governors are as committed to dealing with climate change as Jay Inslee, who often is called “one of America’s leading climate…

Hume’s Timely Political Advice from 1741
Alex J. Pollock

I am neither surprised nor upset by the divisive partisanship of current times. Emotional partisanship is nothing new in the world. But we certainly must condemn the bad manners it now…

, Slate
It’s Time to Reframe Our Relationship With Facebook
Mike Godwin

If Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg are hunkered down this week strategizing how to handle a devastating cascade of bad press, you can understand why. Wednesday’s in-depth New York Times…

, Education Week
Why Schools Must Safeguard Free Speech
Andy Smarick

The parlous state of civic debate today is making it increasingly clear that America needs to rededicate itself to the beliefs and habits necessary for sustaining a democratic, pluralistic nation….

, The Hill
America has promising new law in fight against national opioid crisis
Carrie Wade

As opioid-related deaths continue to increase, one would be hard-pressed to find a community or person that has not been affected in some way by the continuing crisis. And as the epidemic rages on,…

, Washington Examiner
Jeff Flake doesn’t have to go gentle into that good night — there are better ways to force a vote protecting Mueller
James Wallner

In a famous poem, Dylan Thomas urges his father, “Do not go gentle into that good night … Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Thomas’ poem is about light and darkness, life and death….

, Law and Liberty
Perpetual Inflation vs. Sound Money
Alex J. Pollock

Among the most important financial forces in the world are fashions in central bankers’ ideas. The dominant central bank fashion in recent years is the notion that they should create perpetual…

, Truth on the Market
Applying harm reduction to smoking
Carrie Wade

Abstinence approaches work exceedingly well on an individual level but continue to fail when applied to populations. We can see this in several areas: teen pregnancy; continued drug use regardless of…

, OC Register
Maybe the California GOP should ditch Republican label
Steven Greenhut

Democratic and Republican partisans are still bickering over the national significance of Tuesday’s mixed-verdict midterm elections. I wish they’d give the country a rest from their political…

, USA Today
Freshman class of Congress is looking younger, more female: Today’s talker
Casey Burgat

Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives and are currently projected to finish with about 234 seats to the Republicans’ 201. Once the dust settles, the freshman class is…