, The Telegraph
Letter to the editor: What kind of message would legalizing cannabis send to young people?
Carrie Wade

SIR – We believe that Lord Hague is right to say that the war on cannabis has been “irreversibly lost”.

The Adam Smith Institute has estimated that legalisation, regulation and taxation of…

, InsiderAdvantage
Can Domino’s, Sandy Springs do it better?
Marc Hyden

Domino’s Pizza and road construction go together like pizza and pineapple – not at all. As we all know, fruit does not belong on pizza, and Domino’s Pizza does not build roads… right?


, National Affairs
Conserving criminal-justice reform
Lars Trautman & Arthur Rizer

When Carl Harris was released from prison in 2009, he described himself as “a man coming out of a cave after 20 years.” Convicted of assault at age 24 after injuring two people who had stolen his…

, USA Today
How can people repay student loan debt if states take away the licenses they need to work?
C. Jarrett Dieterle & Shoshana Weissmann

People who fall behind on student loan payments can lose their professional licenses in 18 states. But taking away their livelihoods just makes the problem worse.
Roderick Scott Sr., a Texas middle…

, Washington Examiner
The federal courts need more judges — magistrates can help
Anthony Marcum

There is a crisis in the federal judiciary — 75 of them to be exact. That is the number of federal courts, according to the Judicial Conference (the policymaking body for the federal courts),…

, American Spectator
The coming “Janus” decision is likely to toss out mandatory unionization, so California legislators and unions are pre-emptively undermining the court.
Steven Greenhut

California’s government has set itself up as Ground Zero for the resistance, epitomized by the 29 lawsuits the state has filed or joined (with other states) since the beginning of the…

, AL.com
Congress must accommodate America’s complex immigration aspirations
Cameron Smith

As a conservative, I understand Americans who are tired of our immigration laws being violated with impunity. As a parent, I also share the visceral reaction to a child being torn from the arms of…

Not a Fad: Why Shared Bikes, Scooters Beat Taking the Bus
Nick Zaiac

For generations, providing for those who must get around cities without a car has proved to be one of the most challenging issues faced by urban planners. Urban subways are expensive to build. Most…

Trump’s child separation policy is offensive to human dignity and the ideals of America
Nila Bala & Arthur Rizer

The base sentiment behind the administration’s immigration policies — fear — is perfectly understandable. Fear is instinctual; fear keeps us alive; fear motivates us to react rather than…

, The Crime Report
Not guilty—but not free
Nila Bala

Earlier this year, Richard Phillips—wrongfully convicted and locked up for 47 years— was finally exonerated and released at the age of 72. His reentry into society should be a happy occasion, but…