Policy Experts

Ian Adams, Senior Fellow
Senior fellow. Ian previously was R Street's Western region director.
Edward Anselm, Senior Fellow
Senior fellow with R Street's tobacco harm reduction project and medical director of Emblem Health.
Don Brown, Senior Fellow
Senior fellow with R Street’s Florida project. He is a former state representative in the Florida House of Representatives.
Jonathan Coppage, Senior Fellow
Visiting senior fellow, focused on regulatory obstacles to the traditional, walkable development patterns that strengthen communities socially and fiscally.
Christian Cámara, Senior Fellow
Southeast region director, senior fellow and a co-founder of the institute. Christian previously was Florida director of the Heartland Institute’s Center on Finance, Insurance and Real Estate.
Mike Godwin, Senior Fellow
Senior fellow and former director of innovation policy
Zach Graves, Senior Fellow
Technology policy program director and a senior fellow who oversees R Street’s work on a range of technology policy issues.
Steven Greenhut, Senior Fellow
Senior fellow and western region director.  He leads R Street’s work on legislation and issues affecting the western states.
Devin Hartman, Senior Fellow
Electricity policy manager and senior fellow. He researches and promotes competitive electricity markets, efficient energy R&D and environmental policies, and sensible rate designs.
Anne Hobson, Senior Fellow
Technology policy fellow. She specializes in free-market approaches to emerging technology including virtual reality, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and the sharing economy.
Kevin Kosar, Senior Fellow
Senior fellow and director of R Street's governance project. Kevin was previously a research manager and analyst with the Congressional Research Service.
R.J. Lehmann, Senior Fellow
Senior fellow, editor-in-chief and co-founder. R.J. is an award-winning business journalist who spent a decade covering the insurance, banking and securities industries.
Sasha Moss, Senior Fellow
Technology policy fellow,  focused largely on copyright, patent and other intellectual property issues.
Andrew Moylan, Senior Fellow
Executive director and senior fellow. Andrew acts as the “tip of the spear” for R Street in public settings, maintaining its policy focus and relationships with policymakers, donors and the non-profit community.
Josiah Neeley, Senior Fellow
Senior fellow and Southwest region director. Josiah was previously a policy analyst for the Center for Tenth Amendment Studies and the Armstrong Center for Energy & the Environment at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.
Joel Nitzkin, Senior Fellow
Senior fellow with R Street's tobacco harm reduction project. Joel is a public health physician, board certified in preventive medicine, with a master’s degree in public health and a doctorate in public administration.
Alex J. Pollock, Senior Fellow
Distinguished senior fellow and financial systems studies director. He works on policy issues relating to mortgage finance, banking, the Federal Reserve, government-sponsored enterprises, retirement finance, corporate governance and the role of risk and uncertainty in financial systems.
Arthur Rizer, Senior Fellow
Justice policy director and senior fellow. He heads the institute’s agenda on a variety of issues related to crime, corrections and policing.
Catrina Rorke, Senior Fellow
Energy policy director and senior fellow. Catrina promotes smart, small-government solutions to energy and climate challenges on behalf of R Street.
Lori Sanders, Senior Fellow
Outreach director and senior fellow. Lori is responsible for R Street’s coalition efforts, as well as providing public outreach and education about public policy issues.
Alan Smith, Senior Fellow
Midwest director, senior fellow and co-founder. Alan was previously Ohio director of the Heartland Institute.
Cameron Smith, Senior Fellow
General counsel and state programs director. Cameron serves as the institute's chief attorney and coordinates R Street's ever-growing network of offices at the state level.
David Bahr, Policy Analyst
Media relations manager and policy analyst.
Ben Carnes, Policy Analyst
Communications director and policy analyst. He previously was communications director both for the Office of Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and for Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz.
Caroline Kitchens, Policy Analyst
Outreach associate and policy analyst. She joined R Street from the American Enterprise Institute, where she was a senior research associate in social and cultural studies.
Nathan Leamer, Policy Analyst
Outreach manager and policy analyst. Nathan was previously the legislative and coalitions associate for GenOpp, a D.C.-based millennial advocacy organization.

Associate Fellows

Scott Atherley, Associate Fellow
A Ph.D. candidate in political science at George Mason University, his research focuses on congressional oversight, bureaucratic decision-making and methods of quantifying the administrative state.
Ashley N. Baker, Associate Fellow
Associate fellow of the R Street Institute and is director of public policy at the Committee for Justice.
Richard B. Belzer, Associate Fellow
An independent consultant in regulation, risk, economics and information quality.
Douglas J. Besharov, Associate Fellow
The Norman and Florence Brody Professor at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy
Ariel Cohen, Associate Fellow
The Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center Non-Resident Senior Fellow and as director of the Center for Energy, Natural Resources and Geopolitics at the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security.
Ernst Csiszar, Associate Fellow
Adjunct faculty member and special assistant to the dean for the Risk and Uncertainty Management Initiative at the University of South Carolina's Moore School of Business and former South Carolina insurance director
Holly Fretwell, Associate Fellow
Research fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center and an adjunct instructor of economics at Montana State University
Neil Gilbert, Associate Fellow
The Milton and Gertrude Chernin Professor of Social Welfare and Social Services at the University of California at Berkeley
Andrew Hanson, Associate Fellow
Associate professor of economics at Marquette University and former staff economist at the President's Council of Economic Advisers
Damon L. Jacobs, Associate Fellow
Licensed marriage and family therapist and HIV prevention specialist
Derek Khanna, Associate Fellow
Associate in the intellectual property litigation practice of Fenwick & West
Lynne Kiesling, Associate Fellow
Associate professor of instruction in the Northwestern University Department of Economics
Oren Litwin, Associate Fellow
Research analyst for the Middle East Forum.
Anthony J. Madonna, Associate Fellow
Associate professor in the Political Science Department at the University of Georgia
Ross Marchand, Associate Fellow
Second-year master's student in the Department of Economics at George Mason University. His current research interests include disability insurance reform and the role of state-level liability structure in abating environmental contamination.
Lawrence Mirel, Associate Fellow
Vice president and director of government affairs with Goldwater-Taplin and former insurance, securities and banking commissioner of the District of Columbia
Todd Myers, Associate Fellow
Director of the Washington Policy Center’s Center for the Environment
John Norquist, Associate Fellow
The John M DeGrove Fellow at Florida Atlantic University, adjunct professor at the DePaul University Real Estate Program and former mayor of Milwaukee, Wis.
Lars Powell, Associate Fellow
Director of the Alabama Center for Insurance Information and Research at the University of Alabama
Brad Rodu, Associate Fellow
Endowed chair in tobacco harm reduction research at the University of Louisville’s James Graham Brown Cancer Center
Molly Schwartz, Associate Fellow
Member of the steering committee for the Congressional Data Coalition and a Fulbright scholar.
Bernard Sharfman, Associate Fellow
Adjunct professor of business law at the George Mason University School of Business
Vincent Smith, Associate Fellow
Professor of economics in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics at Montana State University
Sean Speer, Associate Fellow
Senior fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute and a fellow at the University of Toronto School of Public Policy and Governance.
Steven Titch, Associate Fellow
Associate fellow focused on telecommunications, the Internet and information technology
Emily Zanotti, Associate Fellow
Columnist for the American Spectator. She has a law degree from Ave Maria School of Law with a focus in intellectual property and technology law.