Nearly 70 percent of European vapers have quit or reduced smoking


Misperceptions about the safety and efficacy of electronic cigarettes abound, yet each new piece of research shows increasingly positive results.

The latest study by Konstantinos Farsalinos and colleagues surveyed 27,640 e-cigarette users from all 28 European Union member nations, finding that:

  • 6.1 million Europeans have quit smoking by switching to vaping.
  • 35.1 percent of current European vapers reported they ceased smoking by switching to vaping.
  • 32.2 percent of current European vapers reported reduced smoking due to vaping.
  • Just 0.08 percent of those who have ever used tobacco-related products started with e-cigarettes.
  • Just 1.3 percent of those who have never smoked reported current use of e-cigarettes containing nicotine.
  • Just 0.09 percent of never-smokers report they currently use nicotine daily.

If millions of smokers in Europe improved their health by switching to e-cigarettes, why can’t we extend that same data to the United States?

Given these facts, the Food and Drug Administration deeming regulations that went into effect this week have all the more significance. Within two years, it appears effectively none of the products available today will still be available. The FDA standard is so onerous that tens of millions of dollars and several years of preparation will be required.

  • k. russ

    To much tobacco money to be lost if vaping continues, so the FDA want let that happen, even if it is good for you. The day I started vaping in December 2014 is the day I put tobacco products down, so look at the money they are loosing & I am just one person!

  • Tj Walker

    Exactly if ppl switch to vaping over cigarettes then the governments largest tax flow stops

  • Crystal Girardot

    I was told I had C.O.P.D. so 4 years ago I started vaping.i was always coughing and congested. But now I am never sick. I rarely cough and never congested. It’s a good thing.i don’t have to use any of the 3 inhalers I was given.


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