Character Matters: An R Street Q&A Series on Character Education — Chester E. Finn, Jr.
Andy Smarick

Chester E. Finn, Jr. is a distinguished senior fellow and president emeritus of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. He is also a senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution. Previously, he was U.S….

Arthur Rizer Joins Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ FOCUS Committee on Criminal Justice Reform
William Gray

Today, R Street Institute criminal justice director Arthur Rizer joined Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ FOCUS (Fueling Ongoing Collaboration and Uncovering Solutions) Committee on Criminal Justice…

Uber takes a step in the right direction in announcing new priorities for a portable benefits system
William Gray

Today, in response to Uber’s op-ed in the New York Times and policy paper outlining a future portable benefits system, R Street Institute President Eli Lehrer issued the following…

, CBS News
Riot declared in Portland after police union building set on fire
Paul Rosenzweig

From CBS News:

Paul Rosenzweig, who served in the Department of Homeland Security under Republican President George W. Bush, described the actions of federal agents in Portland as “on the…

, The Crime Report
Why ‘Enforcing’ the Law is Not the Same as Doing Justice
Lars Trautman & Arthur Rizer

“Law enforcement” was never meant to be a moniker.

After all, it is just one possible response in a toolkit full of them for our public safety officials.

The fact that “LEO” (law…

, Maryland Matters
Electric Monopoly Corruption and Market Promise
Mike Haugh

As bags of cash were being passed around Illinois and Ohio statehouses, one thing was clear. No one paying or receiving the bribes had one iota of concern for the true victim in all of this: the…

, Inside Sources
Biden’s Broadband Plan Would Promote Risky Taxpayer-Funded Networks
Jeffrey Westling

From Inside Sources:

Jeffrey Westling, a fellow in innovation and technology policy at the Libertarian-leaning R Street Institute, told TPA that Biden’s plan would put taxpayers at risk by…

Twin nuclear scandals in Ohio and Illinois show why politicians shouldn’t be picking energy winners and losers: Josiah Neeley and Michael Haugh
Josiah Neeley & Mike Haugh

Back when people still went to the movies, there was a strange tendency for similar films to come out in pairs. “Deep Impact” and “Armageddon,” both released in 1998, were about saving the…

Reynolds to hold FOCUS meeting about criminal justice reform
Arthur Rizer

From KCCI:

Speakers include representatives from the Des Moines Police Department, Iowa State Patrol, Department of Transportation, R Street Institute and the Governor’s Office of Drug Control…

, azcentral.
Let’s reduce Arizona’s prison population and give sentencing discretion back to judges
Arthur Rizer

From azcentral.:

Calling this policy radical and politically divisive, they fail to mention the support of leading conservative groups, including Americans for Prosperity, American Conservative…