, WFTV-9 (ABC)
Police use smell to conduct warrantless searches: WFTV-9 (ABC) Investigates
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From WFTV-9 (ABC):
“These searches are problematic because there is a rea propensity to use them as a pretext,” says Lars Trautman, a senior fellow of criminal justice and civil liberties…

, Voice of America
Questions Linger Over Legitimacy of Trump’s Acting AG Pick
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From Voice of America:
“There are two things at stake,” said Paul Rosenzweig, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute, a conservative and libertarian think tank. “At the biggest and highest level,…

It’s time for environmentalists to back revenue-neutral carbon tax
Steven Greenhut

Few states are as environmentally friendly as Washington, and few governors are as committed to dealing with climate change as Jay Inslee, who often is called “one of America’s leading climate…

R Sheet on Water Infrastructure Procurement
Nick Zaiac & C. Jarrett Dieterle
Testimony Before the Transportation & the Environment Public Roundtable
Jesse Kelley

Chairwoman Cheh and Members of the Council,

My name is Jesse Kelley and I am the state affairs manager at the R Street Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy research organization…

First Step Act can help those incarcerated and bridge the partisan gap
Jesse Kelley

Throughout the past year, the Trump administration has made criminal justice reform one of its paramount issues. As early as April 2018, for example, ABC News reported that sources close to the…

Conservative and Free Market Groups: Oppose Any Farm Bill That Expands Egregious Subsidies
Caroline Kitchens

November 16, 2018

Dear Representative/Senator,

The undersigned organizations are leaders in the conservative and free-market community, representing millions of members, supporters, and…

Hume’s Timely Political Advice from 1741
Alex J. Pollock

I am neither surprised nor upset by the divisive partisanship of current times. Emotional partisanship is nothing new in the world. But we certainly must condemn the bad manners it now…

, Slate
It’s Time to Reframe Our Relationship With Facebook
Mike Godwin

If Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg are hunkered down this week strategizing how to handle a devastating cascade of bad press, you can understand why. Wednesday’s in-depth New York Times…

, Education Week
Why Schools Must Safeguard Free Speech
Andy Smarick

The parlous state of civic debate today is making it increasingly clear that America needs to rededicate itself to the beliefs and habits necessary for sustaining a democratic, pluralistic nation….