, Intellectual Takeout
California Makes Housing Scarcer
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From Intellectual Takeout:

Hostility towards landlords results in many dwellings being left vacant rather than housing a needy tenant. Would-be landlords won’t rent out, for fear that they…

, Cheddar
Following Trump’s Orders, Google Bans Huawei’s Access to Android
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From Cheddar:

“The United States has very legitimate complaints about the way China is handling the high tech sector,” Clark Packard, a trade policy manager at the public policy firm R Street…

, Cheddar
Google Pulls Back From Embattled Chinese Tech Giant Huawei
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From Cheddar:

Google is cutting back some of its business with Chinese tech giant Huawei. Clark Packard, trade policy manager at R Street Institute, discusses the developments.

, Washington Examiner
Congress hates Trump’s tariffs, yet sits by idly instead of acting
James Wallner

There are numerous ways for Congress to check the president. In recent years, its members have frequently opted to pass so-called resolutions of disapproval to reverse administrative actions after…

, The Andy Caldwell Show
The Andy Caldwell Show with Dr. Don Boys, Keisha Russell, Steven Greenhut & Joe Armendariz
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From The Andy Caldwell Show:

Dr. Don Boys, Ph.D., former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, columnist for USA Today and author of 18 books including, “Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is…

, Washington Examiner
US needs commercial allies in Asia
Clark Packard

With both sides retreating to their respective
corners, it appears the trade conflict between the United States and China, the
two largest economies in the world, isn’t going to end anytime…

, Protect Democracy
Roadmap for Renewal
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From Protect Democracy:

Proposals (see more below):

R Street, Thinking Analytically about Election SecurityR Street, R Sheet on Congressional Reorganization Acts

, CBC Radio
Balancing safety with privacy in prison: should ‘smart’ technology monitor inmates?
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From CBC Radio:

Artificial intelligence has great potential to help with all sorts of aspects of our lives – smart homes, cars, workplaces – but can AI help improve our prisons?


, The Daily Caller
Wilford: Democrats Have Thought of a New Way for The Post Office to Lose Money
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From The Daily Caller:

And the Postal Service is popular because it undercharges — great when you can ship packages for cheap, but bad for the federal government’s balance sheets….

, RedState
Democratic Witnesses Admit The Release Of Full Mueller Report Would Require AG Barr To Break The Law
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From RedState:

Armstrong asked R Street Institute Senior Fellow Paul Rosenzweig if he agreed with that.

Rosenzweig replied, “I agree, though I would say that nothing in the…