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Don’t place all your hopes (or fears) on a new Supreme Court justice
Anthony Marcum

It was a home run for the White House.

A senior Supreme Court justice — appointed by a Republican president but who joined the court’s liberal wing in the most controversial cases – had…

Building a new narrative around policing
Arthur Rizer

On February 21, 2018, Officer Mujahid Ramzziddin was killed while helping a woman escape domestic violence at the hands of her estranged husband.

That morning, a neighbor asked Officer…

Cameron Smith on Midday Mobile FM Talk 1065
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From Midday Mobile FM Talk 1065:

Cameron Smith discusses the latest on Trump trade policy.

Digital Money: More competition? Even more central bank monopoly?
Alex J. Pollock

Mr. Chairman, Ranking Member Moore and Members of the Subcommittee, thank you for the opportunity to be here today. I am Alex Pollock, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute, and these are my…

R Sheet on The Debt Ceiling
Kevin Kosar & Philip Wallach










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Make America lead again
Cameron Smith

As I watched the president of the United States take the word of a former KGB agent over comprehensive American intelligence, I couldn’t believe my ears. Sadly, it is the direct result of fear…

Coalition urges Congress to prevent postal service from expanding into financial services
Kevin Kosar

Dear Congressman Patrick McHenry,

On behalf of our organizations and the Americans we represent, we write to express support of your Amendment to Division B, within the Financial Services and…

A clearer picture: The intersection of families and criminal justice
Emily Mooney

Last week, Trump administration officials missed a court-ordered deadline to reunite children under five who were separated from their parents after crossing the border. Without a surge of public…

Is Congress expanding its knowledge to meet oversight demands?
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From FCW:
But the problem runs deeper than the greying members of Congress, argued Kevin Kosar vice president for policy at the think tank R Street Institute.

“The success of a committee is…

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We might actually get budget reform this year
Kevin Kosar

This past week, Congress held another hearing on budget reform. Two former budget committee chairmen, Leon Panetta and David Obey, both testified. They lamented the current state of congressional…