What it might mean to really listen to Trump voters
Casey Burgat

From National Catholic Reporter:

Whereas a quarter of members of the Congressional House were non-college graduates in the early 1960s, the percentage has shrunk to a tiny 5%.

, Quorum
Of the 111 Freshmen in the 116th Congress, Elaine Luria Has Enacted Most Bills
Casey Burgat

From Quorum:

According to Brookings, this freshmen class had the least previous political experience in congressional history coming into this session.

, Civic Way
Reconstructing Congress
Casey Burgat & Kevin Kosar

From Civic Way:

OK, So the House Wants to Reform Itself? Here’s what it should really do, Casey Burgat & Kevin Kosar, Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group

LaRose Issues Statement on Ohio Controlling Board Decision Not to Allow Paid Postage for Absentee Ballots
Marc Hyden & Kevin Kosar & Steven Greenhut

From Frank LaRose Ohio Secretary of State:

“…a recent report by the nonpartisan Brookings Institution graded Ohio seventh nationally on their vote-by-mail pandemic preparedness, trailing only…

Ohio and Frank LaRose lead the nation in voting by mail: Tyler Fisher and Marc Hyden
Kevin Kosar & Marc Hyden & Steven Greenhut


Moreover, states have access to technologies to ensure that voting by mail can be done safely and securely and, in truth, there’s a strong conservative case for allowing…

, Faith Angle
Andy Smarick and Tim Schultz: ‘Juristocracy’ and the Supreme Court, from Bostock to Espinoza
Andy Smarick

From Faith Angle:

Letters in the Time of Covid

, Daily Dot
‘Second Amendment only applies to white people’: People point out double standard following Breonna Taylor gun photo
Steven Greenhut

From Daily Dot:

Yet, those same advocates have seemingly failed to speak out in support of Taylor and Walker, even though her case, according to Reason, poses a risk to Second Amendment rights.

, The Daily Campus
Higher Ed Spotlight #3: Who is a college student?
Emily Mooney

From The Daily Campus:

Why doesn’t UConn have a prison education program?

Conspicuously Absent from the Recent U.S. National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies: Any Actionable Strategy
Kathryn Waldron & Tatyana Bolton

Review of: “National Strategy for Critical And Emerging Technologies,” The White House, October 2020.


, The Newnan Times-Herald
Georgia’s three governors debacle, a lesson for today’s elections
Marc Hyden

“The 2020 presidential election could be so tight (…) that the losing party refuses to concede, triggering a chaotic free-for-all in which Congress, the courts, and, in the most extreme case, the…