It’s time to reconsider how Texas votes
Theo Menon

The Texas primary election season is exhausting. After a <“>contentious first primary election in March, Texans will once again head to the polls on May 24 to vote in the primary runoffs to…

, Kaiser Health News
The Private Sector Steps In To Protect Online Health Privacy, But Critics Say It Can’t Be Trusted
Tatyana Bolton

From Kaiser Health News:

It’s easy to say some data — like genomic data — is health data. It’s thornier for other types of information. Researchers are repurposing seemingly ordinary data…

, Politico
Digital Bridge From Politico EU, May 19th
Tatyana Bolton & Brandon Pugh & Sofia Lesmes

From Politico:

What could U.S. federal privacy legislation look like, given the growing complex web of state-based rules and hot-button issues like private right to action? The R Street…

, Albany Times Union
“Clean slate” legislation isn’t soft on crime
Sarah Wall

Reforming the criminal justice system is almost always fraught, but it’s especially so in an election year – and especially when crime rates are also on the rise. In New York, this perfect storm…

, Newnan Times-Herald
What’s the Deal with the Democratic and Republican Party Ballot Questions?
Marc Hyden

Georgians seem more engaged than ever in the coming primary elections. In the first day of early voting, “27,298 Georgians cast their ballots early, in-person […] almost double the number for the…

Protecting safety online could become a lot harder.
Chris Riley

Thanks to a recent Fifth Circuit decision, the social media services that have become so integrated into our online lives may quickly become much less safe. To combat this, R Street joined the filing…

, CT Mirror
Occupational licensure reform opens opportunities for former offenders —and everyone else
Sarah Wall

Connecticut’s 2022 legislative session certainly gave journalists and policy wonks a lot to talk about. For 12 short weeks, hours of coverage were devoted to some successful pushes —including…

, Bloomberg
Texas Power Reassurance Offers ‘False Confidence,’ Critics Say
Beth Garza

From Bloomberg:

Ercot’s outlook ignores the reality of drought and hot weather, said Beth Garza, a former Ercot market monitor who’s now a consultant for think tank R Street Institute. “All…

, The Hill
For harm reduction to work, we need a full defense
Mazen Saleh & Stacey McKenna

With the recent release of the National Drug Control Strategy, the Biden administration has codified its support of harm reduction to reduce the number of overdose deaths attributed to substance…

Craig Newmark Philanthropies continues support of R Street’s cybersecurity initiative: the #MakingSpace CyberBase
Ayan Islam

WASHINGTON (May 17, 2022) – Craig Newmark Philanthropies (CNP) recently announced new funding to continue support of the R Street Institute’s #MakingSpace initiative and the CyberBase. Both…

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