Testimony Regarding AB304
Caroline Kitchens

Testimony from:
Caroline Kitchens, Director of Federal Affairs, R Street Institute
Regarding AB304, “An Act to amend 450.095 (title) and 450.095 (3); and to create 450.01 (16) (L), 450.095 (1)…

Letter Asking For More Transparency From The Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG)
Kevin Kosar

August 14, 2019

The Honorable Douglas Letter Office of General Counsel

219 Cannon House Office Building

U.S House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515

Dear Mr. Letter:

We, the…

, Financial Times
The golden 2% has created the modern world
Alex J. Pollock

Of course Vaclav Smil is correct that Moore’s Law-type growth rates of 35 per cent per year will not go on forever, however astonishing the record so far (“Infinite growth is a pipe dream”,…

, The Center Square
Capping supervision sentences in Pennsylvania will make us safer
Arthur Rizer

“Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” seems like a straightforward equation made for simpler times. Indeed, the phrase was made popular by the 1970s cop show “Baretta” and even…

, The Fulcrum
At the next debates, ask about things a president can do
Anthony Marcum

July’s Democratic presidential debates highlighted a number of important national issues. From health care to economic inequality, candidates offered many purported solutions. The vast majority of…

, Insider Advantage
Kemp’s Budget Cuts Are a Welcome Reversal
Marc Hyden

Few governors request state agencies to revise and reduce their budgets when the economy is humming, but Brian Kemp isn’t your average governor. He recently sent instructions to his agency chiefs…

Yes, America, we face a white-nationalist threat
Steven Greenhut

As the cliché goes, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” I’m a gun-rights supporter and own some legally purchased and properly stored firearms, and they are no threat to anything…

, Real Clear Markets
If You Believe In Dodd-Frank, You Can’t Also Believe In Fannie, Freddie
Alex J. Pollock

Members of Congress whose financial markets credo begins with “I believe in the Dodd-Frank Act,” experience severe cognitive dissonance when faced with the systemic financial risk created by…

, Inside Sources
If You Ban Menthols, What’s Next?
Jesse Kelley

The Worcester Telegram in Massachusetts recently polled 165 of its online readers, asking “Do you favor a ban on flavored tobacco products?” The results were fifty-fifty. With the Bay State on…

, Brennan Center
Voting Machine Security: Where We Stand Six Months Before the New Hampshire Primary
Paul Rosenzweig

From Brennan Center:

Christopher Deluzio, Liz Howard, Paul Rosenzweig, David Salvo, and Rachael Dean Wilson,  Defending Elections: Federal Funding Needs for State Election Security, University…