, The Wall Street Journal
When the city comes for your home-based business
C. Jarrett Dieterle & Shoshana Weissmann

Chandler, Ariz.—a city of some 250,000 southeast of Phoenix—describes itself as “built on entrepreneurial spirit.” You could forgive Kim O’Neil for not buying it.

Ms. O’Neil and her…

, Techdirt
Everything that’s wrong with social media companies and big tech platforms, part 3
Mike Godwin

I’ve written two installments in this series (part 1 is here and part 2 is here). And while I could probably turn itemizing complaints about social-media companies into a perpetual gig somewhere…

, Washington Examiner
Replace deteriorating rail systems with bus rapid transit
Media Coverage

From Washington Examiner:
Politics is broken, change my mind

James Wallner for the R Street Institute: In a free society, obedience can only be legitimately compelled by persuasion. At bottom,…

, Washington Post
Why was the Peter Strzok hearing such a circus? Because Congress wanted it that way.
Casey Burgat

Last week, FBI agent Peter Strzok sat before two House committees for 10 contentious hours as Republican lawmakers accused him of partisan bias in his work in the FBI. Observers of all political…

House communications seen looking to 2018 goals in rural broadband hearing
Media Coverage

From Washington Internet Daily:
House Communications is also likely to focus on alternatives to fiber-to-the-home broad (FTTH) and given planned testimony from Wireless ISP Association President…

House members expect to weigh FTC authority, privacy obligations at hearing
Media Coverage

From Consumer Electronics Daily:

Expect lawmakers to suggest what topics the agency should discuss when it holds a series of public meetings this year on consumer protection, said R Street…

, Orange County Register
Do offensive social media posts impugn the justice system?
Steven Greenhut

The investigation of a San Bernardino County gang prosecutor accused of making some disturbing social-media posts has understandably become national news because of what it could imply about the…

Three Very Good Boys Weigh in: Clickbait journalism is the real parasite
Murray Rothbark

Social media outrage sparked by a piece from the Union-Tribune calling dogs parasites did not land on deaf dog ears in these hallowed halls of the R Street Institute. As canine professionals, we feel…

, E&E News
Republicans duel on climate measures behind the scenes
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From E&E News:
“The key thing that isn’t really addressed by the resolution that could be appealing to a Republican is the idea of using revenue from a carbon tax to reduce other taxes,” said…

, Reason
Trump apologies for America ahead of Helsinki Summit with Putin: Reason roundup
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From Reason:

Overzealous regulators quashing entrepreneurship. What happens “when the city comes for your home-based business?” An increasing number of people are finding…