, The American Interest
The grid of the future
Devin Hartman

There is no shortage of predictions about the electricity industry. Every week, it seems, experts excitedly announce the coming of another grid transformation. These are electric times.

Yet every…

How committee staffers clear the runway for legislative action in Congress
Casey Burgat

Admittedly, the audience at this spring’s “The State of Congressional Capacity Conference” was a receptive one. Congressional scholars from across the country gathered and presented research…

, The Baltimore Sun
Female prisoners deserve dignity
Nila Bala

For incarcerated women, maintaining basic dignity has become a daily struggle. And dignity — the feeling that you matter — is fundamental to individuals having any chance of successfully…

, Orange County Register
Newman’s bitter parting shot reinforces wisdom of voters
Steven Greenhut

If voters had second thoughts about bouncing Democratic Sen. Josh Newman from office in a high-profile recall election held during the June 5 primary, his self-centered stem winder on the Senate…

, Richmond Times-Dispatch
Depression and the invisible fight for your life
Ann Phelan

My mom has battled depression for 33 years.

On a recent Monday morning, she had to go to the hospital. Life isn’t easy right now and her depression saw an opening and snuck back into our lives….

, Washington Examiner
China abuses trade, but tariffs are the wrong way to fight
Clark Packard

U.S. trade policy has been a dizzying mess these past several weeks, from levying ill-conceived steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, Mexico, and the European Union, to the president’s…

, RealClearMarkets
We won’t know the final lessons of QE until it’s over
Alex J. Pollock

A justly famous line of John Maynard Keynes is:  “Soon or late, it is ideas…which are dangerous for good or evil.”

The first lesson from ten years of Quantitative Easing (QE) is that the…

, Bloomberg|Quint
A central banker’s plea for less power
Media Coverage

From Bloomberg|Quint:
It is also, it turns out, a really important and timely book about the role and the limitations of what U.S. scholars generally call the administrative state, the seemingly…

Coalition Letter on Prioritizing Supersonic Travel
Caleb Watney

Dear Chairman Thune and Ranking Member Nelson:

Fifty years after the Concorde’s maiden flight, the ingenuity of American innovators and entrepreneurs means the next generation of commercial…

Wireless spectrum and markets: a match made in economic heaven
Ann Phelan

Washington D.C. (June 18) – Wireless devices have become a commonplace wonder in today’s day and age. Every day, people all over the world use their devices to stream videos, text friends, look…