Election night coverage is a breeding ground for misinformation
Ryan Williamson

Mis-, Dis- and Mal-information (MDM) represents a growing threat to election integrity and undermines the public’s trust and satisfaction with elections and government. Various actors have sought…

, The R Street Institute
Event: What does antitrust legislation mean for security?
Brandon Pugh

Antitrust legislation has had no shortage of attention on Capitol Hill. While the broader policy implications of the two main bills—the American Innovation and Choice…

, Orange County Register
Government is not your friend, but it can be improved
Steven Greenhut

I’m in the process of remodeling an investment property and have been doing it by the book – with building permits, inspections and licensed contractors who follow the rules and pay the required…

, The Hill
Here’s how to improve Manchin’s permitting proposal — to help more energy projects
Philip Rossetti

From The Hill:

Many of the projects that we most need for a clean-energy transition face particular permitting difficulties because they require permits from multiple states or communities and the…

R Street Submits an Amicus Brief in Advanced Energy Economy v. FERC
Josiah Neeley

The R Street Institute has filed an amicus brief in the case of Advanced Energy Economy v. FERC. This is to the D.C. Circuit supporting the challenge of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s…

, CBS Miami
TV: Expert: Property insurance premiums likely to double by end of year
Caroline Melear

From CBS Miami:

Damage reports from the massive hurricane are being assembled.

“Initial estimates are coming in at 30 billion dollars in damages,” said insurance expert Caroline…

, The New Atlantis
A Nuclear Renaissance?
Josiah Neeley

From The New Atlantis:

There is no reason to expect the NRC to make this sort of reform a priority. Quite the opposite: “The NRC, … their philosophy is that … if another nuclear plant never…

Prosecutors: The cause of—and solution to—wrongful convictions
Lisel Petis

The recent release of Adnan Syed—whose story was shared in the 2014 podcast Serial—has highlighted the substantial power of the prosecution in America. Prosecutors are the “gatekeepers” to…

Hurricane Ian devastates Florida. Will it collapse the homeowners insurance market?
Caroline Melear

Hurricane Ian, a massive and powerful Category 4 storm, made landfall on the gulf coast of Florida on Wednesday. With unprecedented storm surge of 12 to 18 feet and winds around 150 miles per hour,…

Testimony on climate change and the Inflation Reduction Act
Philip Rossetti

A Big Climate Deal: Lowering Costs, Creating Jobs, and Reducing Pollution with the Inflation Reduction Act

Chairwoman Castor, Ranking Member Graves and honorable members of the Committee,


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