, The Washington Post
Where civic life crumbled, Donald Trump arose
Andy Smarick

It’s no secret that civil society — the local, voluntary associations that knit together America’s communities — has been in retreat for decades. Numerous authors, including Robert Nisbet,…

Written Testimony of Emily Mooney of the R Street Institute submitted to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights for its public briefing on “Women in Prison: Seeking Justice Behind Bars”
Emily Mooney

On behalf of the R Street Institute, I welcome this opportunity to submit written testimony in anticipation of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (UCCR) briefing regarding the federal government’s…

Sending Our Prisoners to College
Nila Bala & Emily Mooney

At the heart of conservative thinking are the tenets of individual dignity, public safety, family values, and fiscal prudence. Yet far too often, society fails to apply these principles to the…

, The Clarion Ledger
Vaping: Don’t punish improved behavior with increased taxes
Marc Hyden

Discouraging cigarette smokers from switching to safer products is like dissuading people from using seatbelts: It will result in widespread, negative public health consequences. Yet a recently…

For some, emergency declaration pits conservatism against Trumpism
Media Coverage

From The Christian Science Monitor:

“It is the Trumpist revolution,” adds Paul Rosenzweig, a fellow at the R Street Institute, a center-right public policy firm. A longtime conservative who…

, The American Spectator
A State GOP Convention or a Wake?
Steven Greenhut

As California Republicans head to their convention in Sacramento this weekend, they are buzzing about the big election to choose a new party leader, as former state Sen. Jim Brulte heads into the…

, The National Interest
Will Congress Boldly Go For the Space Force?
Kathryn Waldron

Last Tuesday, President Donald Trump signed Space Policy Directive-4, which orders the Department of Defense to establish a Space Force . According to SPD-4, the Space Force would initially…

, The Washington Examiner
Two changes could pave the way for the USMCA trade agreement
Clark Packard

It has been a tumultuous time for North American commercial relations. For too long, President Trump has misled the public about the supposed failures of the North American Free Trade Agreement,…

, National Review
What Is the Green New Deal?
Travis Kavulla

Democrats’ big new idea is the Green New Deal. Coined by Tom Friedman in 2007, the term has reemerged courtesy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the charismatic freshman congresswoman from the…

, The Daily Caller
The feds don’t have a role to play in stifling e-cigarette advertising
Carrie Wade

A federal regulator on the Federal Communications Commission has weighed in on e-cigarettes, proposing significant federal overreach.

E-cigarettes are the public-health crisis du jour, and FCC…