Industries, Business Leaders, Taxpayer Orgs: Manchin-Biden Build Back Better Harms Economy, Kills Jobs
Jonathan Bydlak

From House Ways & Means Republicans:

Democrats’ Manchin-Biden Build Back Better would destroy American innovation, raise taxes on lower- and middle-income workers, result in more audits for…

, Fox News
Gavin Newsom criticized over handling of California drought as farms languish
Steven Greenhut

From Fox News:

“These days, the Newsom administration and Legislature have done little more than engage in water shaming,” Steven Greenhut, the R Street Institute’s western region director, wrote…

Radio: The Senate Parliamentarian Will Make the Call on the IRA
James Wallner

From Inside Sources:

The big news in our nation’s capitol is that Senator Krysten Sinema from Arizona will vote for the Democrats’ latest spending and green energy bill…as long as the…

Radio: Big Oil Goes Big for the Inflation Reduction Act
Josiah Neeley

From Inside Sources:

The Inflation Reduction Act, if it passes this weekend, includes the biggest investment the U.S. has ever made to fight climate change. And guess who is one of its strongest…

, CyberWire
Experts say improved data assessment is needed to strengthen US cybersecurity
Mary Brooks

From CyberWire:

American think tank R Street held a virtual event yesterday focused on “Measuring Success in Cybersecurity,” and speakers agreed that more data gathering is needed in order to…

, Cybersecurity Dive
White House to incorporate performance metrics into national cybersecurity strategy
Mary Brooks

From Cybersecurity Dive:
Dive Brief:

The White House Office of the National Cyber Director will incorporate a data-driven approach as part of the national cybersecurity strategy to measure the…

, Washington Post
Sometimes an e-cig is a lifesaver
Mazen Saleh

From the Washington Post:

Two recent columns gave me whiplash and left me questioning how well Leana S. Wen understands harm reduction. In her July 13 op-ed, “Biden’s bold move on drug…

Protecting Your Property from Flooding: What You Need to Know
Caroline Melear

As flooding takes hold in unusual places across the United States, including eastern Kentucky, St. Louis, and even Las Vegas, Americans are grappling with the devastating effects. Many have lost…

, Orange County Register
Democrats use ‘deficit reduction’ to weaponize the IRS
Steven Greenhut

SACRAMENTO – The Internal Revenue Service’s national headquarters in Washington, D.C. – a hulking New Deal-era monstrosity that’s ironically located on Constitution Avenue – has U.S….

Pew Joins Over 40 Groups Urging Congress to Pass Bipartisan Resilience Bill
Jerry Theodorou & Caroline Melear

The Pew Charitable Trusts and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce—together with planners, engineers, developers, and leaders from business associations, local government institutions, the insurance…

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