, The Hill
The Fed must resolve its many policy contradictions this year
Douglas Carr

2019 is a benchmark year for U.S. monetary policy with the wind down of the Fed’s quantitative easing (QE) officially ending and the Fed announcing in June its new policy framework moving…

, Our Daily Planet
The Nuclear Industry is Gaming the System at the Cost of Renewables
Media Coverage

From Our Daily Planet:

These mandates have been very effective at reducing the cost of renewable energy but as Travis Kavulla, director of energy policy at the R Street Institute,…

, The Crime Report
How a North Carolina County Became a ‘Laboratory’ for Bail Reform
Arthur Rizer & Emily Mooney

Many Americans sit in jail for one reason: They were assigned a secured bond — or money bail — and are simply too poor to pay for their freedom. In fact, in some instances, poor individuals…

, The American Spectator
Meatless Meats and Other Market Miracles
Steven Greenhut

Is it better to have been a cow who, after spending a few years in a pasture or a feedlot, gets sent to a slaughterhouse — or to have never been a cow at all?

Animal-rights activists…

, USA Today
Warren’s education plan doesn’t account for quality
David Bahr & Ann Phelan

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to — by and large — eliminate existing student debt and, going forward, provide free tuition at two-year and four-year public…

Florida Legislature Finally Passes Substantial Assignment-of-Benefits Reform
R.J. Lehmann

(April 24, 2019) – The seventh time was the charm for the Florida
Legislature, as the state Senate today passed House-passed reforms to stem the
flood of abusive…

, The New Atlantis
The Emergent Order of Twitter
Andy Smarick

When a set of arrangements is making people miserable, coercion is often a big part of the explanation. Think of authoritarianism, discrimination, or vigilantism, where individuals suffer because of…

The Undesirability of Mandatory Time-Based Sunsets in Dual Class Share Structures: A Reply to Bebchuk and Kastiel
Bernard Sharfman

In a 2017 Virginia Law Review article, The Untenable Case for Perpetual Dual-Class Stock, Lucian Bebchuk and Kobi Kastiel made the argument that time-based sunset provisions (a forced…

, Commonwealth Foundation
Nuclear Subsidies: Grabbing Defeat from the Jaws of Victory
Media Coverage

From Commonwealth Foundation:

In a recent PMA video interview, Travis Kavulla, director of energy policy at R Street Institute,says Pennsylvania is viewed as a model for competitive…

, The Washington Post
Trump administration’s proposed hiring requirement undermines criminal justice reform, bipartisan group of senators says
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From The Washington Post:

A coalition of groups representing prosecutors, public defenders, criminal justice advocates and state and local governments is also urging the Trump administration to…