, City Journal
ADUs in New York City?
Jonathan Coppage

From City Journal:

Conservatives could appreciate ADU preemption as a form of deregulation, restoring the property rights of homeowners.

, Politico EU
Flying solo: Technology takes aim at co-pilots
Ashley Nunes

From Politico EU:

Whether passengers will be willing to use a single-pilot plane depends largely on cost, according to Ashley Nunes, a research fellow at Harvard Law School.

“For the average…

, The American Spectator
California’s Crime Epidemic
Steven Greenhut

It’s easy to look back at California’s overreaching anti-crime measures from the 1990s and scratch our heads at the tenor of the crime debate in that era. The state passed the toughest…

Video: Political Experts’ Discussion on Stabilizing Democracy
Matt Germer

From C SPAN:

The R Street Institute hosted a virtual discussion with political experts and academics on the importance of stabilizing democracy. They addressed the reasons why the losers of…

, Rod Arquette Show
Radio: Rod Arquette Show – America must revert to its original principles in order to be saved
Steven Greenhut

From Rod Arquette Show:

6:05 pm: Steven Greenhut, Western Region Director for the R Street Institute, joins the program to discuss his piece for on how America must revert to its…

, The Michigan Daily
UMich removes two questions related to job applicants’ criminal history, will ask in background check
Jesse Kelley

From The Michigan Daily:

“The University has been a laggard, not a leader,” Lassiter said. “Many other universities, many other local governments have already (made this decision) — it…

, Roll Call
‘Not-so-secret weapon’: Critics warn Trump, GOP planning 2024 Electoral College heist
Matt Germer

From Roll Call:

Yet, Matthew Germer of the conservative R Street Institute examined those measures and diagnosed “relatively benign changes” that have been “over-politicized” because of so…

Radio: Government Can Help People Get Broadband
Jeffrey Westling

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

The infrastructure bill aims to give broadband to rural America. While conservatives don’t like the idea of government getting into the internet…

National Harm Reduction Coalition Letter on Legislation to Reduce Record Number of Overdose Deaths
Mazen Saleh

Dear Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Schumer, Majority Leader Hoyer, Minority Leader McConnell, Minority Leader McCarthy, and Honorable Members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives:

, Orange County Register
Manliness, inflation and the scourge of partisan idiocy
Steven Greenhut

As someone who tries to evaluate specific public policies based on their merits and adherence to my long-held libertarian philosophy, I’ve been increasingly dispirited by the…

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