Can resource adequacy be attained without defining what is enough?
Beth Garza

Texans suffered a catastrophe in February 2021. It occurred for many reasons, including insufficient cold-weather preparations of all systems—electricity, natural gas, water and…

, Utility Dive
Liberty never looked so green: Policy implications of private carbon-free energy commitments
Devin Hartman

The clean energy transition has hit two monumental inflection points. First, private capital has assumed the lead role in clean energy procurement and projects to outpace mandatory procurement…

Texas power grid operator ERCOT has named a new CEO
Beth Garza

Published in WFAA:

“My quick reaction is that the salary is not out of line with” the salaries of the CEOs of other power grids, said Beth Garza, ERCOT’s former independent grid…

, Marketplace
What might new leadership at ERCOT mean for the troubled Texas power grid?
Beth Garza

From Marketplace:

“The fundamental difference in the Texas electricity market from other places in the country are that the only way generators in Texas get paid are when they generate,” said…

, Fox News
Biden and congressional Democrats have spent about $3.8 trillion on their agenda since Inauguration Day
Jonathan Bydlak

From Fox News:

But R Street Institute policy director for governance Jonathan Bydlak told Fox News Digital that those are almost insignificant compared to Democrats’ historic spending of taxpayer…

Policing Based on Principle, Not Politics
Sarah Anderson

Over the last several years, it has become increasingly common for edgy “hot takes” to attract attention in lieu of substantive policy debate. This trend holds in the media, often informs the…

, Newnan Times-Herald
Another Georgia election law ends up in the courts
Marc Hyden

A new legal fight over Georgia’s elections laws is picking up steam and could upend many years of precedent in the Peach State. In the case of Rose v. Raffensperger, plaintiffs are challenging the…

Flavor bans might keep youth from vaping, but could also hurt smokers who are trying to quit
Pritika C. Kumar

Columbus, Ohio, lawmakers are considering a flavor ban on tobacco products. While this proposed ban is aimed at preventing youth tobacco use, it may harm adult smokers who struggle to quit…

Congress needs to act now to protect election workers
Ryan Williamson

The Homeland Security Committee recently held a hearing on current and ongoing threats to elections. Much of the discussion centered on threats of violence against election workers, and there was…

, Spectrum News 1
TV: The Search for Water in California
Steven Greenhut

From Spectrum News 1:

Steven Greenhut of the R Street Institute joined Spectrum News 1 to discuss how California can meet its water…

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