Hearing on “Broadband Equity: Addressing Disparities in Access and Affordability”
Jeffrey Westling

Dear Chairman Doyle and Ranking Member Latta,

R Street commends the Committee on its continuing efforts to promote broadband availability and adoption, as well as this hearing to explore potential…

, The Atlantic
Ban Him Forever
Paul Rosenzweig

This morning an oversight board created by Facebook approved the company’s January decision to indefinitely suspend Donald Trump from its platform, and gave the company six months to clarify the…

Revisiting Alcohol Licensing Caps in 21ST Century America
C. Jarrett Dieterle

Press release: Alcohol Licensing Caps in Light of COVID-19

Image credit: kai keisuke

Alcohol Licensing Caps in Light of COVID-19
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (May 5, 2021)—COVID-19 has changed the way states manage their alcohol laws and policies. While alcohol delivery and to-go cocktails have grabbed most of the headlines, policymakers are…

, Politics in Question
Podcast: Is American democracy backsliding?
James Wallner

From Politics in Question:
In this week’s episode of Politics In Question, Jake Grumbach, joins Julia, Lee, and James to discuss democratic backsliding in the United States. Grumbach is is an…

Virtual Roundtable Recap: Global Partnerships, Local Impact in Toledo, OH
Alan Smith

From U.S. Global Leadership Coalition:

Ohio has an active State Advisory Committee of more than 200 business, faith, military, government, and community leaders committed to strong investments in…

, Politico
Oracle avoids anti-China backlash
Paul Rosenzweig

From Politico:

“The sweet spot for avoiding condemnation is a less-than-the-big-5-sized American company,” said Paul Rosenzweig, a senior fellow at the libertarian R Street Institute. Google…

, Law & Liberty
Video: The New Monetary Regime: An Expert Panel Discusses Government Debt and Inflation
Alex J. Pollock

From Law & Liberty:

For decades, the U.S. Government has been charging a credit card with no limit, running up previously unimaginable trillions of dollars on the balance sheet at the…

, Fox News
Biden plan to subsidize child care could have unintended consequences, including price increases, experts say
Jonathan Bydlak

From Fox News:

“The idea of using subsidies to essentially engineer some sort of outcome is not exactly a great idea. Any time you end up subsidizing something that represents a market…

Legislative Exits from the Land Use Labyrinth
Andrew Moylan

From Regulatory Transparency Project:

For example, a city may pass a law banning any rentals shorter than 30 days or enforce draconian rules on short-term rentals that have most of the impact…