Emergency Broadband Connectivity
Jeffrey Westling

Comments of R Street Institute

Americans rely on broadband connectivity more than ever. Whether it be a student trying to connect to a virtual class or an office trying to maintain productivity…

, reason
It’s Not Just Trump. California Labor Unions Are Trying To Reverse the Outcome of an Election Too.
Steven Greenhut

In his first inaugural address in January 1911, California’s progressive Gov. Hiram Johnson detailed a far-reaching “people’s reform program” that would help wrest control of the state’s government…

, National Journal
A rocky start for the transfer of power—in the Senate
James Wallner

From National Journal:

“It’s not the end of the world in the short term if it doesn’t pass,” said James Wallner, a resident senior fellow for governance at the center-right R Street Institute,…

Hiking the minimum wage lowers opportunities for poor
Steven Greenhut

As part of their effort to promote a higher minimum wage, some liberal academics shared their stories recently on Twitter about how their previous low-wage jobs were much tougher than the jobs they…

, The Bulwark
Our Long National Nightmare is Over
James Wallner

From The Bulwark:

The Cabinet could materialize more quickly than you think… Writing at R Street, James Wallner observes:
McConnell also lacks special powers when it comes to ending debate on…

, Legislative Procedure
Reconciliation 101
James Wallner

According to reports, Democrats in Congress are looking to the budget reconciliation process to enact significant planks of President Joe Biden’s agenda over anticipated opposition from Senate…

Trump’s climate rule is dead, but what (if anything) will replace it?
Josiah Neeley

They say that timing is everything. On Tuesday, with one day remaining of the Trump administration, a federal appeals court struck down the signature piece of the administration’s climate…

R Street: Richard Glick poised to lead FERC to pro-market reforms
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Jan. 21, 2021)—President Joe Biden promoted Commissioner Richard Glick to chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission today.

The following quote is from Devin Hartman, the…

, The American Spectator
California’s Ongoing War on Work
Steven Greenhut

California’s unions aren’t accustomed to losing, so it was no surprise that the Service Employees International Union filed a lawsuit this month challenging the constitutionality of Proposition…

, Talk 107.3
Radio: Mornings with Brian Haldane: Jonathan Bydlak
Jonathan Bydlak

From Talk 107.3:

On this segment of the show Brian talks with Jonathan Bydlak who is the Fiscal and Budget Policy Project at The R Street Institute. He and Brian discuss the new COVID-19 Stimulus…