R Street welcomes final passage of S. 2155
R.J. Lehmann

WASHINGTON (May 22, 2018) — The R Street Institute applauds the U.S. House for today’s passage of S. 2155, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act. The legislation,…

A booming economy should mean a second chance for individuals with a criminal record
Lars Trautman & Garrett Watson

There may be no more light-hearted or fitting indicator of the strength of our economy than Walmart’s decision to allow its employees to wear jeans. A decade after the financial crisis and ensuing…

, Washington Examiner
How Scott Pruitt and the EPA can get back to basics
William Murray

The Trump administration’s decision on May 10 to set new guidelines for National Ambient Air Quality Standards could benefit the Environmental Protection Agency greatly if EPA Administrator Scott…

, Daily Caller
Draining the swamp does not include energy subsidies
Media Coverage

From Daily Caller:
Opposition to the Energy Department’s planned use of DPA has been swift, with both R Street and The Heritage Foundation weighing in.

, Financial Times
Governments could take bitcoin out of circulation
Alex J. Pollock

Nima Tabatabai asks about bitcoin, “can financial regulators control this emerging digital monetary asset?” ( Letters, May 18). The answer is they can. If a government sets its mind on it, it can…

, Reason
California Über Alles? Only in counterproductive, outdated housing policy
Media Coverage

From Reason:
The smart money is on California becoming the New York of the 21st century. Once the Empire State was the center of the United States in economic and cultural terms. California overtook…

, Politico
How China acquires ‘the crown jewels’ of U.S. technology
Media Coverage

From Politico:
“I knew what was critical in 1958 — tanks, airplanes, avionics. Now, truthfully, everything is information. The world is about information, not about things,” said Paul…

, Techdirt
Real security begins at home (on your smartphone)
Mike Godwin

When the FBI sued Apple a couple of years ago to compel Apple’s help in cracking an iPhone 5c belonging to alleged terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook, the lines seemed clearly drawn. On the one hand, the…

Ohio looks to the future of transportation – autonomy
Alan Smith

In a state that was one of the first jurisdictions to remove horses from the mainstream transportation equation, last week Ohio’s Governor John Kasich became the latest state executive to sign an…

, Orange County Register
The farm bill is still laden with pork for rich farmers
Media Coverage

From The Orange County Register:
“If conservatives care about welfare reform, they would be wise to apply those same principles to the ‘farm’ portion of the farm bill as well,” as Caroline…