May 9, 2018

Dear Member of Congress:

On behalf of the undersigned organizations, we write to indicate our strong support for a robust amendment process throughout the upcoming Farm Bill discussion.

Members of Congress get the opportunity to weigh in on the Farm Bill only every 5 years. With no agriculture subcommittee mark-ups this year, there was even less opportunity to debate policy and voice priorities. The Farm Bill touches almost every facet of American life and economy – far beyond just its effect on the agriculture industry.

Members from across the nation and outside the full committee should have the chance to be involved in a process that impacts them and their constituency.

Because of the reasons listed above, the Farm Bill has usually been taken up under an open and fair process. The size and scope of the bill require full debate and a vigorous amendment process.

It is crucial that the Rules Committee adopt a rule that allows all voices and ideas to be fully debated and considered on their merits. In the 115th. Congress, numerous pieces of legislation reforming the Farm Bill have been introduced and deserve discussion.

The consequences of this bill should not be understated. The last iteration in 2014 carried a ten-year price tag of nearly $960 billion. The Farm Bill simply must be subject to the time and amendment debate required for a full and thorough consideration of all policies and reforms.

As the undersigned organizations representing thousands of Americans across the nation, we strongly urge a robust amendment process. Members should be allowed to introduce and debate policy ideas that will result in a bill that protects taxpayers and consumers, lends a hand up to needy families and farmers, and truly works for all Americans.


Coalition to Reduce Spending

Americans for Prosperity

Campaign for Liberty

Club for Growth

Council for Citizens Against Government Waste


Independent Women’s Voice

National Taxpayers Union

R Street Institute

Taxpayers for Common Sense

Taxpayers Protection Alliance

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