R Street, supported by the Knight Foundation, seeks diverse perspectives to enrich ongoing conversations among stakeholders from government, civil society and industry regarding the management of online content. Adapting from past multistakeholder processes on internet governance, such as the government of Brazil’s 2014 global NETmundial convening, this smaller-scale project presents a draft document containing seven propositions for further consideration, each with potential positive outcomes as well as potential associated challenges. The draft was developed through contributions from a range of civil society and tech industry stakeholders, and edited by R Street staff. Input received through this web portal will be considered and evaluated by R Street staff in the development of a final report, and will be published and shared with all parties interested in a deeper understanding of the opportunities and obstacles for making the internet better through effective content management practices. Of particular benefit are ideas for additional positives, challenges and ambiguities under each of the seven propositions. 

We intend for the output of this project to help educate policymakers and other stakeholders on current issues in the context of mitigation of online harm. Its purpose is to be complementary to past efforts that relate to public policy discussions and private sector best practices, such as the 2019 Principles for Lawmakers regarding intermediary liability, The Santa Clara Principles, and the activities of the Trust & Safety Professional Association which has compiled a resource library.

Questions or Comments? Please reach out to Chris Riley at [email protected].