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, Az Family
Is Arizona heading toward a historic megadrought?
Steven Greenhut

From Az Family:

So what does this mean and are there things that can be done to prevent this? Steven Greenhut wrote a book on it called “Winning the Water Wars.” He says the issue goes beyond…

, KMVT11
80% of the western U.S is under drought conditions
Steven Greenhut

From KMVT11:
With much of the west in what is being called a “Megadrought” policy expert Steve Greenhut says now is the time to focus on the policy of water abundance. He said due to Idaho’s…

, The American Spectator
Facing Down Fear of a Mega-Drought
Steven Greenhut

Four years ago, then-Gov. Jerry Brown announced the end of California’s historically severe drought by lifting various emergency restrictions. “This drought emergency is over, but the next…

, National Review
Reform California’s Water Policies
Steven Greenhut

As California emerged from a historically tough five-year drought in 2017, then-governor Jerry Brown signed two new laws that required local water agencies to limit water use to 55 gallons per person…

, The American Spectator
Preparing for Another Drought
Steven Greenhut

California’s historically severe drought, which ended in March 2019, had dominated Capitol discussions during its eight-year run, yet had not led to any dramatic changes in the way the state…

, The Washington Examiner
Sooner or later, Americans will get fed up with the Jones Act
William Murray

The maritime industry may not like being compared to the Sicilian Mafia, but there is an element of truth to this analogy when considering the quick about-face President Trump made recently on the…

, Economics21
On water markets and wildfires, the President has a point
Josiah Neeley

From Economics21:
In a 2018 study, the R Street Institute’s Josiah Neeley documented that “urban water users typically pay between $1 to $3 per thousand gallons of water. By contrast, many…

, The Hill
California should turn to markets to solve its water woes
Josiah Neeley

From The Hill:
A recent report by the Property and Environment Research Center and R Street Institute proposes several reforms California could pursue, most notably giving up its obsession with…

R Sheet: Water Markets
Josiah Neeley

*Steven Greenhut co-authored this R Sheet.

In the coming decades, water scarcity will be a major challenge for the western United States. However, the current restriction of water only to…

, TribTalk
Water markets are needed to adjust to a hotter world
Josiah Neeley

Six months after Texas was hit by severe flooding during Hurricane Harvey, more than half of the state is back in drought conditions. This pattern of long dry spells punctuated by flooding and…