Waste and Resource Recovery


Can the recycling industry achieve a circular economy?
Philip Rossetti

With an incoming Biden administration promising a return to environmental priorities for the U.S. government, one burgeoning question is whether it will adopt the push for a “circular economy”…

Lack of Recycling Information Creates Consumer Confusion
Josiah Neeley & Philip Rossetti

Most recycling programs treat all types of recycled materials as interchangeable, and perhaps for this reason, the general public tends to think of them this way as well. For consumers, two decisions…

Video: Paper, Plastic, or Metal Discussing the Sustainability of Recycling Food and Beverage Packaging
Devin Hartman

From American Consumer Institute:

The general norm is that it doesn’t matter if it’s aluminum food cans, plastic, or paper food packaging—they all go into the recycling bin. But the…

Is There a Climate Benefit to Reducing Packaging Materials?
Philip Rossetti

Materials consumption has come under increasing scrutiny in climate policy. According to the World Economic Forum, four to eight percent of global oil use is associated with plastics. Part of the…

Cheers to Markets for Sustainable Drinks
Devin Hartman

I recently swung by my favorite D.C. brewery, Hellbender, to replenish my home stockpile of delicious, eco-responsible brew (how else does one beat a pandemic?). While I was there, the staff…

, Real Clear Energy
We Must Make Recycling More Profitable
Josiah Neeley

Ronald Reagan once summed up a common approach to government as follows: if it moves, regulate it; if it stops moving, subsidize it. For a recent example of this attitude in action, look no further…