Won’t you be my neighbor?
Jonathan Coppage

While they had some policy knowledge about urban challenges (Bill Taft had recently obtained his masters in urban planning, and Joanna had worked in a federal agency), the couple possessed little…

, Catalyst
Upzoning the Ellis Island of the South
Nick Zaiac

Readers of this space hear a lot about NIMBYism, the impulse of individuals to oppose changes to land-use regulations that allow new types of structures near their homes, offices, and places of…

, Intellectual Takeout
California Makes Housing Scarcer
Media Coverage

From Intellectual Takeout:

Hostility towards landlords results in many dwellings being left vacant rather than housing a needy tenant. Would-be landlords won’t rent out, for fear that they…

, Catalyst
High Housing Costs Are Not Just Limited to Big Cities
Nick Zaiac

Land, land everywhere, but not a place to build!

The story of high housing costs has long been associated with large cities, but a century after zoning and other forms of land-use regulations…

Renters are about to get what they want – good and hard
Steven Greenhut

Tenants’ rights groups are ecstatic that two major rent-control bills have sailed through the Assembly’s Housing and Community Development Committee. Democratic supermajorities and Gov. Gavin…

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Two Paths to Improve How Localities Pay for Services and Amenities
Nick Zaiac

New construction, whether of the sprawl or infill flavor, almost always generates some form of push back. Sometimes the opposition is garden-variety NIMBYism, but other times it arises out of real…

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Four Ways to Improve Land Use Without Upzoning
Nick Zaiac

Prolonged periods of high rents, as many American cities have experienced for the last decade, are a sign that the city hasn’t permitted enough potential building space in its most desirable…

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Urbane Cowboys Podcast with Josiah Neeley
Media Coverage

Kevin Erdmann of the Mercatus Center joins R Street’s Josiah…

, Daily Caller
Commerce may be moving online, but brick-and-mortar is still thriving
Eli Lehrer

As the one-time strip-mall staple Payless Shoes closes all 2,100 of its stores, vacancy rates in traditional enclosed malls rise, and formerly dominant retailer Sears continues its slow-motion slide…

, Catalyst
Is “Universal” Zoning Variance an Answer to America’s Housing Shortage?
Nick Zaiac

At this point, housing scarcity in America has been the norm for a generation. Rents in desirable urban areas remain high, and politicians have put forth solutions ranging from rent control to…