Treaties and Digital Trade


, Daily Caller
Strong Intermediary Liability Protections in the USMCA are a Big Win for Americans
Jeffrey Westling

While the president’s U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) covers a wide array of subjects, one part is key: strong liability protections for online tech platforms, including Facebook and YouTube….

, reason
Score One for Trump’s Trade Policy: Putting Online Speech Protections in Trade Deals Makes Sense

From Reason:
“These laws prevent websites from being sued for their users’ content, and they are fundamental to the United States’ preeminence in the digital space,” says Clark Packard, trade policy…

An initial assessment of the US-Japan ‘trade agreement’
Clark Packard

The United States and Japan recently agreed to the outline of a so-called “mini” trade agreement. On first blush, there are several positives about the deal and a few problems. A more thorough…

, RF Globalnet
The Week In 5G: 2/6/2019 – Verizon Cuts Latency In Half, Cisco Targets Agriculture, U.S. Needs More Mid-Band Spectrum
Charles Duan

Cited in RF Globalnet:

“The problem, though, is not the existence of a patent system but the ever-expanding power of the patent laws, which encourage companies to pour dollars into complex patent…

, Washington Examiner
How an overzealous trade agency is targeting American businesses
Bill Watson

When Comcast designed a mobile app for its cable customers to schedule DVR recordings over the Internet, the company likely had no idea they would end up violating a federal importation law. But…

, National Journal
The balkanization of global tech
Mike Godwin

From National Journal:
On the internet, potentially everything that you offer in terms of content is global,” said Mike Godwin, the general counsel and director of innovation policy at the…

, Politico
Internet groups push for liability protections in NAFTA

From PoliticoPro:
In a letter released today, civil liberties and tech trade groups say “intermediary liability” protections as enshrined in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act helped…

, TechFreedom
Coalition Letter: NAFTA Should Add 230-Style Intermediary Protections

April 27, 2018

Dear Ambassador Lighthizer, Secretary Guajardo, and Minister Freeland,

The undersigned organizations are trade associations representing a significant part of the U.S., and…

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