Two rotten peas in a pod: High-speed rail projects cling to life in California and the UK
Nick Zaiac

Sometimes, you just need to pull the plug. The
only thing worse than a failed infrastructure project is a failed
infrastructure project that has already started pouring concrete, a scar on the

FRA Withdraws Locomotive Staffing Rule, Preempts States
Nick Zaiac

Rules that mandate a two-person minimum staff for
freight locomotives have been a hot topic in state legislatures this year. Nine
states currently regulate crew sizes for certain trains, including…

R Street Supports Smart Policy Solutions to Solve Our Nation’s Crumbling Infrastructure
Media Coverage

From American Chemistry Council:

Therefore, we recommend pairing increased federal investment with smart policies such as open competition that have received broad bipartisan support, including…

, Governing
How a Misguided Mandate Threatens Freight Rail’s Economic Viability
Nick Zaiac

A hundred and fifty years ago this coming Friday, the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific met at Promontory Summit in Utah to complete the nation’s first transcontinental rail line. With the…

Top 10 Transportation & Infrastructure Policy Recommendations for Bipartisan Progress
Nick Zaiac & Aubrey Neal

April 30, 2019 marked the deadline for members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to submit their policy priorities to the Chair. In honor of this important stage in the…

, The American Spectator
Taxpayers Can’t Dodge Bullet Train
Steven Greenhut

When I think about government infrastructure projects, I always think back to the third game of the 1989 World Series between the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants, which was being played…

R Street Signs Onto Coalition Letter to STB on Competitive Switching Rule
Nick Zaiac

Re: Docket No. EP 711 (Sub-No. 1)

Dear Chairman Begeman, Vice Chairman Fuchs, and Member Oberman,

We, the undersigned, wish to congratulate and welcome you to your appointments. The Surface…

Mandatory Switching: A Solution in Search of a Problem
Nick Zaiac

The perpetual push and pull between those who
send freight and those who move their goods has invited governments to
intervene time and time again. The temptation to regulate rail prices has

Politico Morning Transportation
Media Coverage

From Politico Morning Transportation:

MAILBAG: A coalition of conservative groups is joining Americans for Prosperity in reupping their call for Congress to reject a gas tax increase. “We…

, The Washington Times
How to improve the nation’s infrastructure
Ann Phelan

During a recent CNN town hall, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Democrat, indicated that she was not in favor of a gasoline tax increase but gave no specifics…