, Orange County Register
California demands EVs, but can’t even keep the power on
Steven Greenhut

From Orange County Register:

SACRAMENTO – One of the mainstays of California’s state government is the obvious disconnect between its leaders’ highfalutin rhetoric – and the real-world…

Radio: Getting Electric Vehicle Subsidies Right
Philip Rossetti

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

A new Harvard Law study has found that current electric vehicle subsidies are not reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Phil Rosetti from the R…

, Harvard Law Today
Current electric vehicles subsidies fail to reduce overall emissions, says Harvard Law study
Ashley Nunes & Philip Rossetti

From Harvard Law Today:

Subsidies offered by the federal government for the purchase of new electric vehicles (EVs) may actually increase total greenhouse gas emissions without similar aid for…

, Nature Sustainability
Re-thinking procurement incentives for electric vehicles to achieve net-zero emissions
Ashley Nunes & Philip Rossetti


Procurement incentives are a widely leveraged policy lever to stimulate electric vehicle (EV) sales. However, their effectiveness in reducing transportation emissions depends on the…

, Newsweek
Be Honest About What EVs Can and Cannot Do
Ashley Nunes

The following is a lightly edited transcript of remarks made by Ashley Nunes during a Newsweek podcast debate about EVs being the future of transportation. You can listen to the podcast…

, The Center Square
Washington Legislature passes rideshare drivers benefits bill
Steven Greenhut

From The Center Square:

Response to the passage of the legislation has been mixed.

“Although we prefer that companies and their workers negotiate the terms of employment without state…

, Nature
Rethinking routine airline testing during COVID-19
Ashley Nunes

From Nature:

Designing national testing policies for SARS-CoV-2 faces several challenges, both technical and political. Even the choice of testing technology is difficult. Reverse…

, Financial Times
The true flaw of driverless cars isn’t the tech
Ashley Nunes

From Financial Times:
A driver also plays the implicit role of conductor, ensuring the car is fuelled and hindering illicit activity. Driverless cars will have to be serviced and monitored to do the…

Explained: Why Electric Vehicles Will Never Work in Idaho
Ashley Nunes

From KEZJ:

My drive to Boise doesn’t require multiple stops to refuel.  Which, I gather, is a time-consuming process.  My time could be a dollar amount.  If I had a sales route, it certainly…

, Financial Times
Electric vehicles don’t need gas, but the costs are racking up
Ashley Nunes

Americans fretting over gas prices could soon be in for relief. OPEC+ — a cartel of countries that controls some 80 per cent of proven oil reserves — last week hiked global production by an extra…

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