, The American Spectator
Ride-Sharing Grievances
Steven Greenhut

A recent attack piece on ride-sharing giants Uber and Lyft by New York Times editorial-board member Greg Bensinger expresses a Seinfeld quality that is reminiscent of that sitcom’s hilarious…

, Financial Times
Want to save the planet? Share a ride
Ashley Nunes

“We don’t have any more time” was Joe Biden’s outcry last week as he urged climate action after visiting hurricane-wracked New Jersey. The storm made landfall in Louisiana before roaring up…

, The Verge
Electric robotaxis may not be the climate solution we were led to believe
Ashley Nunes

For years, we’ve been told that electric autonomous taxis can help fight climate change by reducing air pollution. But new research from Harvard Law School suggests these supposedly “zero…

, Axios
Why electric robotaxis might not save the planet
Ashley Nunes

Electric, self-driving taxis might not be the answer to our climate problems that many people think, a new study finds.

Why it matters: Transportation is the largest contributor to U.S….

, The Sacramento Bee
President Biden’s electric car order doesn’t make it easier to buy one. Here’s why
Ashley Nunes

From The Sacramento Bee:

“The most direct, forward-facing change for consumers is more variety in electric cars,” Ashley Nunes, an expert in how innovation affects economic markets at R…

Mobility Hub: Our take on the Infrastructure Bill and on the weeks transportation news
Ashley Nunes

From Shared-Use Mobility Center:

The amount of money and time EVs require (even after promised rebates and incentives) puts them out of reach of many low-income folks, and as we know, they’re…

, Financial Times
The inequities of electric vehicles
Ashley Nunes

The race to go green is heating up. A week ago, President Joe Biden signed an executive order calling for half of new auto sales in the US to be electric by 2030. The move — which has the blessing…

, The Washington Times
Consumer choice, free market biggest obstacles to Biden’s ambitious plan to phase out gas cars
Ashley Nunes

From The Washington Times:

“The proposal does little to incentivize a switch by consumers,” said Ashley Nunes, the project director of competition policy for the R Street Institute, a free…

Road safety, health inequity and the imminence of autonomous vehicles
Ashley Nunes

Although personal vehicle ownership facilitates economic mobility, negative externalities persist. In the United States, motor vehicle (MV) fatalities represent almost four out of every ten…

, Nature Human Behavior
Not all machines are created equal
Ashley Nunes

When the Boeing 737 took to the skies in 1967, it shared some of the same design features as previous airplanes. However, there was one notable exception: the 737 required only two pilots in the…

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