, Fox&Hounds
Impact of Scooters on Environment Still in Question
Nick Zaiac

From Fox&Hounds:
Dockless scooters’ potential to reduce this problem has also been hailed by a Wall Street Journal columnist, a former Cato Institute researcher and urban planners in…

A Softening Economy Could Benefit from Rail Transportation Automation
Nick Zaiac

Rail has been a hot topic in Washington this summer. In both the House and Senate, we’ve seen discussion on topics ranging from Amtrak delays to shipping concerns, and this week the Senate is…

R Street Signs Onto Coalition Letter in Support of H.R. 3791
Nick Zaiac

July 30, 2019


The Honorable Peter DeFazio                                    The Honorable Sam…

, Carolina Journal
Ride-sharing safety bill raises red flags for government overreach
Nick Zaiac

From the Carolina Journal:
Nick Zaiac, a policy fellow at R Street, said it isn’t a good idea to make policy in reaction to a tragic event.
Zaiac said the bill tries to attack the problem from a…

Getting the Most out of Scooters for Last-Mile Transportation
Nick Zaiac

The advent of electric scooters, bicycles and other battery-powered transportation devices has opened frontiers in urban mobility. These devices stand to fulfill demand for short trips that would be…

Setting the Record Straight on the Railway Workforce
Nick Zaiac

The state of the rail workforce is rapidly evolving with new developments in technology and computer-powered infrastructure in the American transportation industry. These developments are changing…

Barriers to Innovation and Automation in Railway Regulation
Nick Zaiac

Using past Congressional guidance, the FRA has already stopped the growing problem of safety-based crew size mandates, but they will face similar challenges in the future, as the pressure to put…

NYC’s Taxi Medallion Crisis is a Case Study in Government Malfeasance
C. Jarrett Dieterle & Nick Zaiac

New York City’s ongoing, multiyear crisis surrounding taxi medallions—punctuated by a recent spate of taxi driver suicides—has received growing publicity. As taxi medallion prices soared over…

Two rotten peas in a pod: High-speed rail projects cling to life in California and the UK
Nick Zaiac

Sometimes, you just need to pull the plug. The
only thing worse than a failed infrastructure project is a failed
infrastructure project that has already started pouring concrete, a scar on the

FRA Withdraws Locomotive Staffing Rule, Preempts States
Nick Zaiac

Rules that mandate a two-person minimum staff for
freight locomotives have been a hot topic in state legislatures this year. Nine
states currently regulate crew sizes for certain trains, including…