, The American Spectator
Big Brother Gets a Seat in Your Car
Steven Greenhut

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Conservatives continually step into the trap set by progressives. The process is simple and is repeated constantly, especially in California. Liberal activists envision some…

Atlanta’s plans could worsen traffic congestion
Marc Hyden

I’d bet the city of Atlanta is tired of being the cautionary tale for other cities, but as long as its leaders embrace bad ideas, they’ll illuminate the path to avoid.

I say that somewhat…

, The American Spectator
Even the New York Times Notes California’s Bullet Train Is Going Nowhere
Steven Greenhut

The New York Times includes a particularly illustrative anecdote in its recent analysis of California’s overrun-plagued and overall disastrous effort to build a high-speed rail line connecting Los…

, Orange County Register
California demands EVs, but can’t even keep the power on
Steven Greenhut

From Orange County Register:

SACRAMENTO – One of the mainstays of California’s state government is the obvious disconnect between its leaders’ highfalutin rhetoric – and the real-world…

Radio: Getting Electric Vehicle Subsidies Right
Philip Rossetti

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

A new Harvard Law study has found that current electric vehicle subsidies are not reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Phil Rosetti from the R…

, Harvard Law Today
Current electric vehicles subsidies fail to reduce overall emissions, says Harvard Law study
Ashley Nunes & Philip Rossetti

From Harvard Law Today:

Subsidies offered by the federal government for the purchase of new electric vehicles (EVs) may actually increase total greenhouse gas emissions without similar aid for…

, Nature Sustainability
Re-thinking procurement incentives for electric vehicles to achieve net-zero emissions
Ashley Nunes & Philip Rossetti


Procurement incentives are a widely leveraged policy lever to stimulate electric vehicle (EV) sales. However, their effectiveness in reducing transportation emissions depends on the…

, Newsweek
Be Honest About What EVs Can and Cannot Do
Ashley Nunes

The following is a lightly edited transcript of remarks made by Ashley Nunes during a Newsweek podcast debate about EVs being the future of transportation. You can listen to the podcast…

, The Center Square
Washington Legislature passes rideshare drivers benefits bill
Steven Greenhut

From The Center Square:

Response to the passage of the legislation has been mixed.

“Although we prefer that companies and their workers negotiate the terms of employment without state…

, Nature
Rethinking routine airline testing during COVID-19
Ashley Nunes

From Nature:

Designing national testing policies for SARS-CoV-2 faces several challenges, both technical and political. Even the choice of testing technology is difficult. Reverse…

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