It’s time to reconsider how Texas votes
Theo Menon

The Texas primary election season is exhausting. After a <“>contentious first primary election in March, Texans will once again head to the polls on May 24 to vote in the primary runoffs to…

, Bloomberg
Texas Power Reassurance Offers ‘False Confidence,’ Critics Say
Beth Garza

From Bloomberg:

Ercot’s outlook ignores the reality of drought and hot weather, said Beth Garza, a former Ercot market monitor who’s now a consultant for think tank R Street Institute. “All…

Cleaner by the Dozen: Twelve Reforms to Make Texas Cleaner, Stronger and Freer
Josiah Neeley

Texas conservatives should look to fundamental principles in crafting a positive policy agenda on climate change. Though often overlooked, many of the best ways to improve the…

12 Energy and Resiliency Reforms for a Cleaner, Freer and Stronger Texas
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (April 25)—In a new report, R Street Institute Texas Director Josiah Neeley and Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute policy analyst Matt Patterson give a comprehensive account…

, Houston Chronicle
Rodney Ellis should thank Republicans for pro-safety bail reform
Jillian Snider

A miracle happened last month at Harris County Commissioners Court: Democrats and Republicans agreed on something related to criminal justice.
In a unanimous vote, the court called for the Bail…

, Utility Dive
Texas just dodged a repeat of 2021 outages, but its power sector has a long way to go, analysts say
Beth Garza

From Utility Dive:

Already approved Phase I initiatives will take time to design, test and implement, and there has been “no groundwork or meaningful action” on the Phase II proposals, said Beth…

A year ago, Texas power plants weren’t required to winterize. Now they are. But is that enough to keep the grid from failing in the next deep freeze?
Beth Garza

From WFAA:

“People are going to be paying the costs of last February’s catastrophe for many, many years into the future,” said Beth Garza , a senior fellow with R Street Institute and a former…

Natural gas providers notify ERCOT of supply reductions: What that means for the power grid
Beth Garza


“These magnitudes of curtailment are not surprising and evidence of the limitations of natural gas as a reliable fuel for generators in cold conditions,” said Beth Garza, a senior energy…

Oil & gas companies made billions off the Feb. ’21 freeze, contributed millions to politicians and avoided regulation. Could the lights go out again?
Beth Garza

From WFAA:

Not surprisingly, a lack of fuel — mainly, natural gas — was the second-leading cause for power plant outages in last year’s storm after equipment freeze-ups, according to federal…

, Lubbock Avalance-Journal
Storm anniversary reminds about risks and power grid
Josiah Neeley

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already coming up on the one-year-anniversary of the 100-year storm last February. The anniversary reminds us of risks to the electric grid and renews reasonable…

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