, RTO Insider
Proposed ERCOT Market Redesigns ‘Capacity-ish’ to Some
Beth Garza

From RTO Insider:

Texas regulators threw another curveball at ERCOT market participants last week, backing away from a market design they seemed to favor a year ago and moving toward a hybrid…

, Energy Bar Association
After the Storm: Changes to Texas Electricity Regulation in the Wake of Winter Storm Uri
Josiah Neeley

Nineteenth-century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “What does not kill me makes me stronger.”[1] Those  who  lived  through Winter Storm Uri in February 2021, however, may…

, NPR's Planet Money
The Midnight Connection
Beth Garza

From NPR’s Planet Money:


February of 2021 was brutal for the state of Texas. There…

, RTO Insider
Texas Advisory Committee: Renewables Create ‘Operational Challenges’
Beth Garza

From RTO Insider:

R Street Institute senior fellow Beth Garza, who testified before the committee during its first meeting, agreed with Mickey’s comments. ERCOT’s former market monitor,…

, San Antonio Express-News
Commentary: Texas’ juvenile justice system is in crisis. Here is how to reform it.
Sarah Anderson & Jillian Snider

In the criminal justice reform community, Texas has long been considered the “how to” leader for other red states looking to implement smart-on-crime reforms. This includes measures that save…

Can resource adequacy be attained without defining what is enough?
Beth Garza

Texans suffered a catastrophe in February 2021. It occurred for many reasons, including insufficient cold-weather preparations of all systems—electricity, natural gas, water and…

Texas power grid operator ERCOT has named a new CEO
Beth Garza

Published in WFAA:

“My quick reaction is that the salary is not out of line with” the salaries of the CEOs of other power grids, said Beth Garza, ERCOT’s former independent grid…

, Marketplace
What might new leadership at ERCOT mean for the troubled Texas power grid?
Beth Garza

From Marketplace:

“The fundamental difference in the Texas electricity market from other places in the country are that the only way generators in Texas get paid are when they generate,” said…

, RTO Insider
ERCOT Could Name New CEO this Week
Beth Garza

From RTO Insider:

Beth Garza, a senior fellow with public policy research firm R Street Institute and ERCOT’s Independent Market Monitor from 2014 to 2019, pointed to ERCOT’s statutory status…

, Allison Morrow Show
Will Texans face heat blackouts after winter power outages?
Josiah Neeley

From the Alison Morrow Show:

Texans are facing the possibility of more power outages this summer after blackouts over the winter left people in the cold for several days. Recently amid heat waves,…

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