How Retail Suppliers May Have Helped Texans Save Money
Mike Haugh

The widespread outages across the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) system were a result of many errors in the wholesale energy markets. Electric generators that could not run when called…

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The Texas Blackout Blame Game
Josiah Neeley

“If I owned Texas and Hell,” Gen. Philip Sheridan once said, “I would rent out Texas and live in Hell.” He probably was thinking about our hot summers, but after last week Hell’s central heating is…

, The Daily Signal
Reasons for Texas Blackouts and How Best to Avoid Them Going Forward
Devin Hartman

From The Daily Signal:

As Devin Hartman, the director of energy and environment policy for the free market think tank R Street Institute, wrote this week:
Inoperable heating systems are a…

Power Crisis Prompts Rethink, With Gas Impacts
Devin Hartman

From Energy Intelligence Group:

Risk management incentives for suppliers to align with reliability goals could also help, argued Devin Hartman, a former president of the Electricity Consumers…

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Podcast: Texpocalypse Now: a postmortem
Josiah Neeley

From Unsupervised Learning:

This week’s guests made time to chat at a moment’s notice over the last 24 hours as the luckiest of us are just beginning to get back to normal life (though many…

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Video: Texas frozen turbines, green energy and the spin on wind
Josiah Neeley

From Alison Morrow:

#TexasPowerOutage​ #WindTurbines​ #GreenEnergy​ About 4 million people in Texas have dealt with power and water outages due to severe winter weather. Some have blamed…

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Texas Power Crisis Is Getting Worse With Millions Left in Dark
Devin Hartman

From Bloomberg:

“The grid requires instantaneous supply-demand balance close to 60 hertz with a very narrow error margin,” said Devin Hartman, director of energy and environmental policy at…

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Radio: Devin Hartman on Market-Driven Fixes to Winter Blackouts
Devin Hartman

From SiriusXM:

Devin Hartman, Director of Energy and Environmental Policy and Resident Senior Fellow at the R. Street Institute, joins Julie Mason to discuss the Texas winter storm…

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What Sweeping Power Outages in Texas Tell Us (and Don’t Tell Us) About Its Electricity Market
Devin Hartman

From The Daily Signal:

Customers may not want to pay extra for “black swan” events like this, but answering that question will most certainly be part of the discussion in the months ahead.

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Experts mull market, reliability rule changes amid Texas, regional outages
Devin Hartman

From S&P Global:

However, some of NERC’s prior recommendations have not suited the Texas energy market, according to Devin Hartman, director of energy and environmental policy at the R Street…