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Texas grid reform should make every megawatt count
Josiah Neeley

“Is the Texas grid fixed?” It’s a question I’ve gotten a lot from friends and family over the past few months. Texans strongly want to avoid a repeat of the February blackouts that cost…

Video: Tom Giovanetti & Josiah Neeley Speak About The Texas Electric Grid
Josiah Neeley

From Texans for Economic Liberty:

Should the government pick one energy source over another? Tom Giovanetti, President of The Institute for Policy…

, S&P Global
Low-cost renewable energy integration causes some experts to question RTO efficacy
Beth Garza

From S&P Global:

But the formation of RTOs and ISOs has benefitted some states and regions of the country, including Texas, said Beth Garza, a senior fellow with the R Street Institute. With…

, KUT 90.5
Lawsuits Allege Price Gouging, Market Manipulation By Gas Companies During Texas Freeze
Beth Garza

From KUT 90.5:

Beth Garza is a former independent market monitor for the state’s electric grid who spent years investigating fraud.

She said the natural gas industry in Texas doesn’t have the…

, SiriusXM 167
Radio: Josiah Neeley Joins Good Mornings with Bilal Vakani
Josiah Neeley

From SiriusXM 167:

Josiah Neeley (Resident Senior Fellow on Energy Policy and Director of Texas policy) joined Good Mornings with Bilal Vakani on Canada Talks, SiriusXM channel 167.

, Bloomberg
Texas Governor Pushes for Fossil Fuel, Nuclear Power Incentives
Josiah Neeley

The PUC is already mulling some of the changes Abbott ordered, such as how to ensure adequate resources and spur the development of transmission lines. The difference is that the governor appears to…

, The Houston Chronicle
Texans will soon be able to buy beer and wine before noon on Sundays
Josiah Neeley & C. Jarrett Dieterle

From The Houston Chronicle:

“Texas’ blue law is far from straightforward,”wrote Josiah Neeley and C. Jarrett Dieterle in a Dallas Morning News opinion piece. “The state still permits beer and…

Right of First Refusal Laws for Electric Transmission are Anti-Competitive in Interstate Commerce
Josiah Neeley

The benefits of competition in building and operating new electric transmission projects is increasingly apparent. A recent study by the Brattle Group found that…

, RTO Insider
Texans’ Conservation Keeps ERCOT Grid Stable
Beth Garza

From RTO Insider:

Bivens told the PUC she wouldn’t have “strong concerns with one-off exposures” but indicated a need for some period of confidentiality. Beth Garza, Bivens’ predecessor at…

, Houston Chronicle
Texans face hidden costs from deep freeze
Beth Garza

From Houston Chronicle:

The magnitude of the financial fallout is difficult to digest. Experts estimate that based on the sky-high prices, nearly $50 billion worth of electricity was consumed in…

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