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, National Journal
Kennedy keeps pressure on FCC over 5G-spectrum payout
Jeffrey Westling

From National Journal:

“We’re really hoping that Kennedy doesn’t derail the whole process by holding these hearings, bringing the FCC’s general counsel in, trying to stall,” said Jeffrey…

, Fierce Wireless
Volkswagen urges U.S. to consider ‘human issues’ in 5.9 GHz spectrum
Jeffrey Westling & Tom Struble

From Fierce Wireless:

R Street Institute, a non-profit public policy research organization, noted that since the 5.9 GHz band was set aside exclusively for vehicle safety use since 1999, the…

, American Action Forum
Laying the Ground Work for 5G
Tom Struble

From American Action Forum:

A recent coalition letter pointed out ‘China has already pledged to make its C-band spectrum available for their wireless systems, giving them an alarming advantage…

The Importance of Quick C-Band Auction to America’s 5G Future
Tom Struble

Dear Chairman Pai:

Making more spectrum available has been an important part of your agenda at the FCC, as well it should, and now is the time for action on C-band spectrum. While the U.S. has…

, Forbes
On Spectrum, NTIA Sides With Bureaucracy Against 5G And The FCC
Joe Kane

From Forbes:

The Department of Education has similarly failed to deliver on the 2.5 GHz for some 50 years. Sadly, some of the most valuable spectrum lies fallow at a critical moment in…

, Inside Sources
Unleashing Unlicensed Innovation
Jeffrey Westling

Unlicensed spectrum made innovative technologies that require large amounts of data processing — like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth — possible. The next generation of technology — think the internet of…

Repurposing the C-Band to Benefit all Americans
Tom Struble

The Honorable Greg Walden
Ranking Member
House Committee on Energy & Commerce
2125 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

The Honorable Robert E. Latta

, Fierce Wireless
AT&T, Verizon join CBA in backing C-band auction principles
Tom Struble

From Fierce Wireless:

In light of that hearing, the American Consumer Institute, R Street Institute and others submitted a letter to the committee asking them to support the CBA plan for private…

How spectrum NIMBYs are slowing your smartphone
Joe Kane

Sky-high rents in major cities have awoken many to the problem of inefficient land use driven by restrictive zoning rules that are supported by those who say “not in my backyard” (NIMBY) to…

Submitted Testimony: On building a comprehensive approach to spectrum policy
Joe Kane

Chairman Doyle, Ranking Member Latta and Members of the Committee:

Thank you for holding this hearing on building a comprehensive approach to spectrum policy. In our increasingly wireless world,…