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COLUMN: New Law Leaves Georgians Dazed and Confused
Marc Hyden

“Exact science … is not an exact science. The machine simply does not operate as expected,” David Bowie said as Nikola Tesla in the movie The Prestige. While this quote referenced one of…

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Kemp’s Budget Cuts Are a Welcome Reversal
Marc Hyden

Few governors request state agencies to revise and reduce their budgets when the economy is humming, but Brian Kemp isn’t your average governor. He recently sent instructions to his agency chiefs…

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How federal funding is being used to secure Alabama’s election systems
Paul Rosenzweig

From WVTM 13 Digital:
A new report released today by the Brennan Center takes a look at how six states, including Alabama, are using federal grant money to better secure their elections…

, The Advocate
Letters: Don’t blame criminal justice reform in Greenhouse case. Blame Jeff Landry
Jesse Kelley

Attorney General Jeff Landry is pushing accountability away from his office and toward criminal justice reforms in the case of the early release of Norris Greenhouse, a police officer who took part…

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‘LaPolitics:’ A closer look at election security, Ascension’s open seat
Paul Rosenzweig

From Business Report:

“Key states still need federal help replacing old election equipment or upgrading it, according to a report out today from the Brennan Center, Alliance for Securing…

, The Richmond Observer
Hands-free legislation brings questions of personal liberty, enforcement
Marc Hyden

From The Richmond Observer:

“Legislation such as this tends to have widespread support because it reduces distracted driving and insurance fees and the like,” said Marc Hyden, director of…

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Georgia Must Cement Bail Reform Progress
Marc Hyden

Cash bail as we know it may be slowly becoming a thing of the past here in Georgia. Last year, then-Gov. Nathan Deal signed a bill permitting judges to take defendants’ income into account when…

Texas Workforce Commission’s new regulation further weakens our democracy
Jesse Kelley & Aubrey Neal

Recently, the Texas Workforce Commission approved a controversial new rule for gig-economy workers that changes regulations for app-based companies that hire contractors — particularly affecting…

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Georgia Needs Creative Solutions to Combat the Opioid Crisis
Marc Hyden

Over 400,000 Americans have died from opioid abuse, be it heroin or synthetic prescriptions, since 1999. To put this death toll into perspective, roughly the same number of Americans perished in…

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Hollywood’s Threat To Boycott Georgia Is No Threat At All
Marc Hyden

Hollywood filmmakers are threatening to boycott Georgia if the fetal-heartbeat law goes into effect. But let’s be honest here: The TV and movie industry didn’t come to Georgia for…