In SUPPORT of S. 882, the South Carolina Private Flood Insurance Act
R.J. Lehmann

My name is R.J. Lehmann and I am director of finance, insurance and trade policy at the R Street Institute. R Street is a think tank devoted to pragmatic free-market solutions to public policy…

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Raising the Age of Adult Criminal Responsibility a Matter of Dollars and (Common) Sense
Marc Hyden

The budget crunch is on, and bean counters are hard at work trying to figure out a way to balance the state’s budget, keep Georgia’s coveted AAA bond rating, and do so without disrupting…

Georgia Should Help Military Spouses with Occupational Licenses Get Back to Work
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Jan. 6, 2020) – Nearly 30 percent of Americans must have an occupational license in order to work. Each specific license has a unique set of requirements, which makes it more difficult…

Georgia Should Help Military Spouses Enter The Workforce
Marc Hyden & C. Jarrett Dieterle

If they are, in fact, married to a servicemember who has been transferred and have a current occupational license in good standing, then Georgia ought not prevent them from working. Rather, the state…

Raising The Age Of Criminal Responsibility In Georgia
Nila Bala & Marc Hyden

Under current Georgia law, minors cannot vote, buy a lottery ticket or even open a checking account. Indeed, 17-year-olds are treated as children in almost every way—except in the…

The Financial Impact of Raising the Age of Adult Criminal Responsibility
Marc Hyden & Jesse Kelley

Testimony from:
Marc Hyden, Director of State Government Affairs, R Street Institute
Jesse Kelley, Manager, Government Affairs, Criminal Justice, R Street Institute
The Financial Impact of Raising…

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For Second Year in a Row, Louisiana Flunks R Street’s Insurance Report Card
R.J. Lehmann

The 2019 edition of the R Street Institute’s annual Insurance Regulation Report Card is out and, for the second year in a row, Louisiana has the ignominious distinction of finishing dead last. By…

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Is Junk DUI Science Sending Innocent Georgians to Jail?
Marc Hyden

There have been over 300,000 DUI convictions  in Georgia over the last ten years, but new evidence suggests that many of these individuals, who had their lives turned upside down, may have been…

An Eye for an Eye: Why the Georgia Legislature Should Repeal the Death Penalty
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Nov. 7, 2019) – In the last five years, only one death sentence has been handed down by a jury in Georgia. Yet alleged perpetrators can still be sentenced to death in the state, despite…

R Street Policy Short No. 78: The State Of Georgia’s Death Penalty
Marc Hyden & Arthur Rizer

Capital punishment is quickly dwindling in Georgia. In fact, juries have delivered only one death sentence in over five years, and national polls show that death penalty support is near historic lows…