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, The Washington Post
Trump administration’s proposed hiring requirement undermines criminal justice reform, bipartisan group of senators says
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From The Washington Post:

A coalition of groups representing prosecutors, public defenders, criminal justice advocates and state and local governments is also urging the Trump administration to…

Testimony In SUPPORT of Senate Bill No. 691, “AN ACT concerning erasure of criminal records.”
Nila Bala

March 29, 2019

Joint Committee on the Judiciary

My name is Nila Bala, and I am
Associate Director of Criminal Justice for the R Street Institute, which is a
nonprofit, nonpartisan, public…

, Bridge
Opinion | A conservative case for criminal record ‘Clean Slate’ in Michigan
Jesse Kelley & Arthur Rizer

There is some good news in the criminal justice world: According to a Bureau of Justice Statisticsreport, the nation’s incarceration rate is at a 20-year low. This is to be celebrated for…

Individuals with felonies deserve the right to vote in Florida
Nila Bala

Florida’s 2018 midterm election is one of the most important in years, and not just because the governor’s seat is up for grabs.

Further down the ballot, Floridians will find the…

, The Washington Post
Trump Hotel keeps its liquor license — and that’s as it should be
Jonathan Haggerty & C. Jarrett Dieterle

What do the president of the United States and an ex-convict from Michigan have in common?

They’ve both been involved in legal disputes with the government over their fitness to hold a…

What they’re saying about the First Step Act
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From The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee:
“Federal prisons should provide opportunities for men and women behind bars to make amends and earn back the public’s trust … This…

Governor’s licensure directive gives ex-offenders another chance
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From Michigan Capitol Confidential:
Jonathan Haggerty, a criminal justice policy manager at the R Street Institute in Washington, D.C., said Snyder’s directive is “a substantial step” towards…

, The Hill
Dear AG Sessions: The White House and math agree — crime isn’t surging but reform should be
Emily Mooney & Arthur Rizer

The political climate of criminal justice reform is changing. But it seems that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has yet to embrace the coming tide.

Last week, a group of Republican senators…

, Fox & Hounds
If California is burning, why is it turning away experienced firefighters?
Lars Trautman

Like the hydra of legend, California’s wildfires appear an inexhaustible force that simply multiplies and redoubles devastation in response to attempts to defeat it. Indeed, despite Herculean…

, Washington Examiner
They fought wildfires as inmates, but California won’t let them become firefighters when free
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Cited in Washington Examiner:
California certainly owes a debt of gratitude to these prisoners. As the Economist noted last October, around 4,000 low-level felons made up 30 percent of the forest…