Short-Term Rental (STR) Policy


Live, Work, Share: Putting out the Welcome Mat to Home-Sharing and Home-Based Businesses

From Regulatory Transparency Project:

Even where cities haven’t banned home-sharing, they sometimes enforce draconian rules that have most of the impact of a ban in practice. Fort Lauderdale,…

, Catalyst
Bernie’s Housing Proposal Takes Supply Constraints Seriously (But Rent Control Is Still Bad)
Nick Zaiac

Last week, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) released a plan titled “Housing for All” as part of his bid for the presidency. Unlike many of his opponents, the former Burlington mayor’s proposal is…

, Catalyst
Arizona Considers New Airbnb Regulations
Nick Zaiac

In recent years, Arizona has been a national leader in reforming and streamlining its regulations. Gov. Doug Ducey and others have made clear that the state’s economy is more vibrant when people…

SEC could make it easier to give stock options to ‘gig economy’ workers
R.J. Lehmann

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission could make it easier for so-called “gig economy” firms to offer stock and stock options to contractors who use their platforms, under a proposal to update…

Trans-Atlantic Principles for the Future of Work and Labor Automation
Ann Phelan

Washington (September 10) – The world is changing faster than our levers of policy can move. Using artificial intelligence, robotics and global communication networks, entrepreneurs are breaking…

, The DeMaio Report
Lou Penrose – The rent in San Diego is too damn high
Steven Greenhut

From The DeMaio Report:

Steven Greenhut discusses a proposed ballot initiative for November that would overturn previous limits on rent control. If Prop. 10 passes, municipalities will be free…

, Heartland Institute
News – New York City Puts New Regulations on Housesharing
Nick Zaiac

Cited in Heartland Institute:
Expanding the Market

Nick Zaiac, the Commercial Freedom Fellow at the R Street Institute, says the sharing economy is a net benefit for everyone.


, American Spectator
Why not just bomb our cities, Senator?
Steven Greenhut

Not long ago, I quoted Swedish economist Assar Lindbeck’s conclusion about the results of rent control. He wrote that in many cases, it “appears to be the most efficient technique presently…

, CalWatchdog
Bay Area making life difficult for tech firms
Steven Greenhut

In most of the country, a region’s “big” industry – think automotive companies in Michigan’s heyday, the oil business in Houston and entertainment in Los Angeles – is treated with…

Oregon town ponders onerous short-term rental rule
Steven Greenhut

The Hood River, Oregon, City Council has delayed its decision until May 9 on an ordinance that would restrict short-term rentals to a family’s primary residence and ban them in granny flats. Here…