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, Housing Today
A Successful Vaccine Doesn’t Mean We Should Fall in Love with Industrial Policy
Tony Mills

From Housing Today:

As the Wall Street Journal editorial page notes, “The apparent breakthrough is a credit to the innovative capacity of the private pharmaceutical industry. Pfizer has…

, Manhattan Institute
Video: Practical Wisdom In A Time Of COVID And Beyond
Tony Mills

From Manhattan Institute:

2020 severely tested the governing abilities of our leaders. America faced a once-in-a-century pandemic, a collapsed economy, civil unrest, shuttered schools, toxic…

In praise of science investment, especially basic research
Tony Mills

From American Enterprise Institute:

More on this in a great new piece by Tony Mills (whom I chatted with back in May), a resident senior fellow and director of science policy at the R Street…

, Real Clear Science
U.S. Science Funding Is Increasingly Biased Against Basic Science
Tony Mills

In this hyper-polarized political year, a consensus has quietly emerged inside the Beltway. Fears that the American “innovation engine” is stalling — potentially leaving China to gain…

Jonathan Gruber, Tony Mills, Margaret O’Mara, & Bret Swanson: Boosting economic growth by funding science
Tony Mills

From AEI:

Ep. 198 — Political Economy with James Pethokoukis

Should federal support for research and development be expanded? If so, what form should this expansion take? Is it better to…

Event: NIH and the Importance of Basic Science Post COVID-19
Tony Mills

As the biggest single patron of basic science, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) makes long-term investments in foundational research that others—including private companies—can use to…

FYI This Week highlights upcoming science policy events and summarizes news from the past week.
Tony Mills

From American Institute of Physics:
R Street Institute: “NIH and the Importance of Basic Science Post-COVID-19”
3:30 pm

, The American Mind
What Makes Experts Special?
Tony Mills

We’re the ones to decide on whom we should rely.

The coronavirus pandemic has thrust the issue of scientific expertise to the fore of our public debates like never before. Coming on the…

If Washington wants to boost federal R&D, let’s do it the right way
Tony Mills

From AEI:

Policymakers should think about key reforms to boost efficiency for the entire federal research effort. For more on that, here is a bit of my recent podcast conversation with Tony…

, The American Spectator
Shocker! The Experts Were Wrong
Steven Greenhut

The COVID-19 lockdowns are so yesterday now that U.S. cities have been overrun by rioters and looters, few of whom seem to be following social-distancing precautions (stay six feet away before…

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