, Governing
The Wrong Way to Tax Ridesharing
C. Jarrett Dieterle

Few technological success stories in recent years have been more remarkable than that of the ridesharing market. Smartphones have expanded a niche industry mostly catering to airport travelers and…

, The American Spectator
California Killing Its Gig Economy
Steven Greenhut

If you haven’t listened to California’s Democratic leaders (and who can blame you for that), you wouldn’t know that our state is the world’s fifth-largest economy and a model for the rest…

, The Daily Wire
California Passes ‘Bold’ New Ride-Sharing Law That Could End Up Hurting Drivers
C. Jarrett Dieterle

From The Daily Wire:

As the National Review noted in May:
Proponents of reclassification are quick to invoke the image of a recent rise in the number of downtrodden workers trying to juggle…

Worker-rights bill does no favors for drivers or consumers
Steven Greenhut

Let’s think back to ancient history – to, say, five or more years ago when the process of getting a ride in a big city involved standing on a corner and trying to wave down one of the taxicabs…

CJ Reports: Ride-sharing safety bill raises red flags for government overreach
Nick Zaiac

Cited in the John Locke Foundation:

Lindsay Marchello quotes Nick Zaiac, a policy fellow at the R Street Institute in his statement that the criminal penalties may be too much:
“The bill…

, Insider Advantage
Smyrna Pumps Brakes on Scooter Ban
Marc Hyden

The band Montrose famously sang, “Get on your bad motor scooter and ride!” But depending on how things shake out, some forms of motor scooting may become illegal in Smyrna, Georgia.


, Washington Examiner
US needs commercial allies in Asia
Clark Packard

With both sides retreating to their respective
corners, it appears the trade conflict between the United States and China, the
two largest economies in the world, isn’t going to end anytime…

Testimony on Ridesharing in Louisiana
Marc Hyden


Hyden, Director of State Government Affairs, R Street Institute

on Ridesharing

21, 2019

Senate Judiciary A Committee

Chairman and members of the…

Public Safety, Jobs Depend on Statewide Rideshare Regulatory Framework
Marc Hyden

Fostering job growth and improving public safety are key elements in
just about any political stump speech, and with elections quickly approaching,
Louisianans will get their fill of these topics….

, The Hartford Courant
Connecticut’s misguided war against ridesharing
C. Jarrett Dieterle & Nick Zaiac

The Northeast region is one of the most densely populated and congested areas in the country, yet Connecticut lawmakers appear determined to make commuting and traveling even harder on state…