Restoring the First Branch


, Roll Call
House modernization leaders seek consensus despite hurdles
Kevin Kosar

From Roll Call:

“We haven’t seen any partisan fireworks or mugging for the camera,” said Kevin Kosar, a leader of the nonpartisan Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group and vice president…

, Amarillo Globe-News
Beilue: Five minutes to remember
Casey Burgat

From Amarillo Globe-News:

Cruz, who is in favor of term limits, is chairman of the Constitutional sub-committee. Rausch was on the panel with former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), Casey Burgat,…

, Law & Liberty
Who Reaches the Pinnacle of Power in Congress, and Why?
James Wallner

Few would dispute the critical role that party leaders play in Congress today. They are intimately involved in every stage of the legislative process. Leaders set the agenda, resolve disagreements…

, The Epoch Times
6 GOP Senators Want to Make Firing Bad Bureaucrats Easier
Kevin Kosar

From The Epoch Times:

Kevin Kosar, vice president of the R Street Institute, said in the release: “Today’s civil service protocols make it very costly and very difficult for an agency to fire…

, Bloomberg
Biden’s Senate Years Become a Drag on His Presidential Bid
James Wallner

From Bloomberg:

James Wallner, a lecturer at American University and former aide to Republican Senators Pat Toomey, Mike Lee and Jeff Sessions, said that the “kind of personalities that develop…

, The Ripon Society
William Barr and Congress’ Broken Contempt Power
Kevin Kosar

Last month, the House Judiciary Committee voted to recommend that the House hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress. The 24-16 decision was made along partisan lines. The vote…

, Courthouse News Service
Senate Panel Debates Term Limits for Congress Members
Casey Burgat

From Courthouse News Service:

“Term limits may be great politics, but they are incredibly bad for government,” said Casey Burgat, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute’s Governance…

, Congressional Record
Senate Daily Digest
Casey Burgat

From Congressional Record:

Committee on the Judiciary: Subcommittee on the Constitution concluded a hearing to examine keeping Congress accountable, focusing on term limits in the United States,…

, Common Sense
Dousing the Dumpster Fire
Casey Burgat

From Common Sense:

“Governing is incredibly hard,” argued R Street Institute Senior Fellow and term limits opponent Casey Burgat earlier on C-Span’s Washington Journal. “There is no…

Testimony before U.S. Senate on Congressional Term Limits
Casey Burgat

Written testimony of Casey Burgat
Senior Governance Fellow, R Street Institute
Before the United States Senate
Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on the Constitution
June 18, 2019