Restoring the First Branch


, Pursuit
Congress’s Love Affair with Judicial Supremacy Continues
James Wallner

From Pursuit:

R Street Institute Senior Fellow James Wallner points to amendments as a key metric. According to Wallner, “senators have offered 90% fewer amendments in the 116th Congress than…

, Newsy
Casey Burgat discusses the first public impeachment hearing on Newsy
Casey Burgat

From Newsy:

R Street’s Casey Burgat discusses the first public impeachment hearing on Newsy.

, Roll Call
House leaders give modernization panel more time
Kevin Kosar

From Roll Call:

“It’s a real vote of confidence in the committee’s work to date,” said Kevin Kosar, a leader of the nonpartisan Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group and vice…

War Powers: A Battle for Control Among the Executive and the Legislature
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Nov. 14, 2019) – The president’s recent actions in Syria have reignited conversations about Congress’ role in foreign affairs and declarations of war. In a new policy study, R Street…

Congressional Undersight
Casey Burgat

The legislative branch simply does not have the levels of staff resources, funding or expertise to conduct effective oversight of the executive branch, including—and perhaps even especially—on…

, Law & Liberty
Has the Conservative Mind Forgotten How to Think?
James Wallner

What does it mean to be a conservative in the Age of Trump? Has “owning the libs” become the essence of conservatism? If so, what does that say about the current state of the conservative…

Beyond impeachment, is Congress getting anything else done?
Aubrey Neal

From The Christian Science Monitor:

“The Congress we’re working with is a completely different institution in many ways than the Congress that faced the Clinton impeachment,” says Aubrey…

, The Fulcrum
Congress’ knowledge deficit renders it powerless
Tony Mills

“Knowledge is power.” The phrase is attributed to Francis Bacon, the so-called father of modern science, who believed that scientific knowledge enables the mastery of nature and the “relief of man’s…

, Deseret News
Cameras are ready to roll on impeachment hearings as Democrats and Republicans try to win your support
Casey Burgat

From Deseret News:

“It is important to stress that this threat applies to noncompliance with any of the multiple House investigations continuing to date, not just those directly related to the…

, GQ
Is Another Government Shutdown on the Way?
James Wallner

From GQ:

But as James Wallner of the conservative R Street Institute recently reasoned to Roll Call, if Trump-aligned Republicans believe what they’re saying in public—that impeachment is,…