Restoring the First Branch


, Washington Examiner
Congress hates Trump’s tariffs, yet sits by idly instead of acting
James Wallner

There are numerous ways for Congress to check the president. In recent years, its members have frequently opted to pass so-called resolutions of disapproval to reverse administrative actions after…

, The Bulwark
Congress Has a Duty to Intervene in Trump’s Trade War
James Wallner

As the United States and China announce dueling tariffs and send the stock markets spiraling, millions of Americans have been impacted negatively by the conflict between the world’s two largest…

Congress Should Revive the Office of Technology Assessment
Media Coverage

From Center for American Progress:

Although a level of funding equal to the height of the previous OTA would be ideal—equivalent to less than 1 percent of the total congressional…

, VICE News
Trump Is Setting an Impeachment Trap for Democrats
Media Coverage

From VICE News:

“It’s not always clear who’s going to benefit from these things at all,” said James Wallner, an expert on the separation of powers at the R Street Institute. “Most…

With Barr in crosshairs, a look back at last time Congress cited contempt
Media Coverage

From The Christian Science Monitor:

There are other ways to give congressional oversight efforts some bite, says Kevin Kosar, congressional scholar and vice president for policy at the R Street…

, The Huffington Post
Congress Is Failing
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From The Huffington Post:

“Part of what Congress does is take the easy way out; there’s a laziness factor to just let the executive do something,” said Kevin Kosar, vice president for…

With Barr a no-show, White House and Congress move further apart
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From The Christian Science Monitor:

“We have indubitably, over the last 120 years, seen a significant amount of power shift over to the executive branch, frequently at the expense of…

, Law & Liberty
Energy in the Legislature
Philip Wallach

The Vanishing Congress: Reflections on Politics in Washington is a curious hybrid. It is variously a primer on Congress’s constitutional duties, a scholarly (though note-less) consideration…

, Brookings
Losing hold of the REINS: How Republicans’ attempt to cut back on regulations has impeded Congress’s ability to assert itself
Philip Wallach

On March 15, President Trump issued his first veto. Congress had passed a joint resolution of disapproval of his declaration of a national emergency at the southern border, using the procedures…

, The Lily
Congress’s top staffers wield the power on Capitol Hill. Here’s why the vast majority are male.
Media Coverage

Each member of the House of Representatives can employ up to 18 full-time staff members. And while about half of all congressional staffers are women, the top positions are far more male-dominated….