Restoring the First Branch


, Legislative Procedure
What Happens Now
James Wallner

After two marathon days of questioning, the Senate Judiciary Committee is poised to complete its review of Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to fill the Supreme Court’s vacancy created by the death of…

, Legislative Procedure
Senate Judiciary Committee Rules
James Wallner

Senate Rule XXVI empowers the Judiciary Committee to adopt rules to govern its proceedings. The committees rules can be found here and below.


, Politics in Question
Podcast: How well do our political parties represent us in government?
James Wallner

From Politics in Question:

In this week’s episode of Politics In Question, Ted Johnson joins Julia, Lee, and James to consider the role that political parties play in perpetuating popular…

, Fox News
Schumer says Democrats won’t give GOP quorum to advance Barrett nomination
James Wallner

From Fox News:

There are ways around this. Most notably, the Senate can vote on a discharge resolution that would remove the responsibility of considering the Barrett nomination from the…

, Politico
Call It What It Is: Propaganda
Kevin Kosar

From Politico:

He hired a press officer and began issuing press releases. Knowing the media loved a good story, Roosevelt press-agented himself by arranging photo ops of him sitting at the…

Further Improving the House Committee on Appropriations
Caroline Kitchens

Dear Representatives DeLauro, Kaptur, and Wasserman Schultz:
We write to commend you for releasing proposals to further strengthen the responsiveness, transparency, accountability, and effectiveness…

, Fox News
Barrett fast-track confirmation threatened as GOP senators test positive for COVID-19, Schumer seeks delay
James Wallner

From Fox News:

“In committee, there is one rule in the Judiciary Committee rules, any member can postpone a business meeting for a week,” James Wallner, resident senior fellow for governance of…

Improve Congressional Capacity
Zach Graves & Kevin Kosar

From Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress:

Additionally, an R Street Institute report examined data from all 45 House and Senate committees to provide a comprehensive…

, The Washington Post
Pelosi anticipates reaching economic relief deal with Mnuchin, saying Trump diagnosis ‘changes the dynamic’
Jonathan Bydlak

From The Washington Post:

On Friday morning, leaders from the conservative groups Americans for Prosperity, R Street, the Libre Initiative and Heritage Action joined a conference call urging…

Four Important Updates to the House Rules Package
Caroline Kitchens

On Thursday, the House Committee on Rules will meet to discuss proposed rules changes for the 117th Congress. This hearing kicks off the process of considering and adopting the rules that will govern…