Restoring the First Branch


, Politics in Question
Podcast: How do congressional elections fuel dysfunction in Congress?
James Wallner

From Politics in Question:
In this week’s episode of Politics In Question, Katherine Gehl joins Julia, Lee, and James to take a fresh look at how Americans conduct their elections and to discuss…

, HuffPost
With The Biden Agenda Imperiled, It’s Time For Democrats To Break With Foolish Traditions
James Wallner

From HuffPost:

It is not as though they do not have the power to do so. Senate rules are not enshrined in the Constitution. Changing them requires a simple majority vote. The parliamentarian,…

, FOX News
Pelosi handed major defeat by rising progressive Democrat stars, as Biden agenda put on ice
James Wallner

From FOX News:

“You have these big showdowns, you have these self-imposed deadlines. And then no matter what happens you get a greater understanding heading out of those deadlines of where you…

McGovern, Meijer Lead Introduction of Sweeping New Legislation to Reassert Congressional Power Over National Security
Anthony Marcum

From Congressman Jim McGovern:

R Street Institute
“The Founders tasked Congress with the power to make laws, spend money, and declare war. But in recent times, the Executive Branch has taken it…

, Politics in Question
Podcast: What can Congress’s present dysfunction teach us about our politics and how to make it better?
James Wallner

From Politics in Question:

In the season four opener of Politics In Question, Julia, Lee, and James unpack the rampant dysfunction on Capitol Hill. Why did Congress wait until the last minute to…

, Sunwater Institute
Video: Reforming Congress
James Wallner

From Sunwater Institute:

James Wallner joins the Reforming Congress Interview Series to discuss his time in the Senate, the rules & processes in…

, Washington Examiner
The 20th anniversary of the 2001 AUMF
Anthony Marcum

Early October will mark 20 years since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan.

The legislation that allowed swift military action to take place just weeks after the terror attacks was the 2001…

, Legislative Procedure
The Senate Parliamentarian Doesn’t Make the Rules
James Wallner

The Senate parliamentarian has advised Democrats that they cannot use the reconciliation process to give several categories of illegal aliens lawful permanent resident (LPR)…

Radio: 20 years of the AUMF in Afghanistan
Anthony Marcum

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

It’s been 20 years since the Authorization of Use of Military Force in Afghanistan. Anthony Marcum from the R Street Institute called in to talk about what…

, FOX40
Race to raise US debt limit: Republicans say Democrats are on their own
James Wallner

From FOX40:

“That would be disruptive, certainly. But will it have catastrophic effects that a lot of people are speculating? My guess is no,” James Wallner with the R Street Institute…

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