Restoring the First Branch


, R Street Institute
Radio: Ron DeSantis and Florida politics with Jonathan Bydlak and Ed Dean
Jonathan Bydlak

The R Street Institute’s Jonathan Bydlak discussed Ron DeSantis, elections and all things Florida politics on the Ed Dean Morning Show on WBOB Jacksonville.

The Perfect Congress? Opportunities for Advancing Good Policy in 2023 and Beyond
Jeff Vanderslice

After a long wait and many surprises, it is now clear that the House of Representatives will be controlled by Republicans at the start of the next Congress. “Control” of the Senate will remain…

, Politics in Question
Podcast: What do the 2022 midterm results mean?
James Wallner

In this week’s episode of Politics In Question, Julia, Lee, and James discuss what happened in this year’s midterm elections. Is the Red Wave a superhero or college mascot? Why didn’t it appear…

Radio: How Should Republicans Spend Their Political Capital With Their New Majority?
Ryan Williamson

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

Congress has the opportunity at the start of the new term to make changes and boost its credibility. While it can be tempting to score political points…

, Politico Magazine
Opinion | Trump Is a Problem for Republicans. DeSantis May Not Be the Solution.
Jonathan Bydlak

In the wake of their disappointing midterm election results, many Republican commentators are already adopting a common refrain: The party has a Trump problem, and it’s time to move on, preferably…

Five Things Republicans Should Do with Their New Majority
Ryan Williamson

The November midterm elections saw Republicans regain control of the House of Representatives. In addition to the new majority, this means a new speaker, new committee chairs and new rules. Though…

, Politics in Question
Podcast: How do the politics of race impact the American presidency?
James Wallner

From Politics in Question:
In this week’s episode of Politics In Question, Robert C. Smith joins Julia to discuss race and the American presidency. Smith is a professor emeritus of political…

Radio: Is Ron DeSantis the Future of the Republican Party?
Jonathan Bydlak

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

After a midterm shellacking… Republicans are at a crossroads, looking for someone to represent the party who will help them win in 2024. And many are…

, The Hill
FTX crash illustrates Congress’s weakness on tech. Here’s a solution
Zach Graves & Kevin Kosar

From The Hill:
Congress is at a turning point. With slim majorities, rock-bottom approval and a laundry list of tech challenges, legislators can build credibility by investing in technical…

, Legislative Procedure
Midterm Election Results Could Impact Lame Duck Session
James Wallner

This year’s midterm elections will decide which party controls the House and Senate in the 118th Congress. Republican candidates did not perform as well, on average, as many expected heading into…

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