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, National Journal
After Senate setback, Dems grasp for a way forward on election reform
James Wallner

From National Journal:

According to James Wallner, a senior fellow at the center-right R Street Institute and veteran Hill staffer, Schumer’s move to file cloture suggests “that this entire…

, Legislative Procedure
Democrats and the Politics of Effort
James Wallner

Democrats’ refusal to use Rule XIX to pass voting rights legislation through the Senate demonstrates that enforcing the rule’s two-speech limitation on Republican senators imposes costs…

, Washington Post
Opinion: Joe Manchin finally makes it plain: He is in favor of minority rule
James Wallner

From Washington Post:
I checked in with James Wallner, a longtime Senate aide and rules expert who writes regularly on Senate procedure. Wallner noted that this from Manchin constitutes an…

, Roll Call
Democrats tie ‘talking filibuster’ gambit to Senate’s two-speech rule
James Wallner

From Roll Call:

James Wallner, a legislative procedure expert now at the R Street Institute, made that argument in 2017, saying Republicans could have used the rule to get to a confirmation vote…

, Legislative Procedure
A Talking Filibuster Strategy
James Wallner

Democrats are trying again to get voting rights legislation (HR 5746) through the Senate. Republicans blocked their first two attempts by voting against taking up the Freedom to Vote Act (S. 2747)…

, The Hill
Democrats ponder Plan B strategy to circumvent voting rights filibuster
James Wallner

From The Hill:

James Wallner, a former Senate Republican aide and expert on Senate procedure, says that Democrats could pass voting rights legislation with a simple-majority vote if they’re…

, Newnan Times-Herald
Call me old-fashioned, but I like the Senate’s filibuster rules
Marc Hyden

Faced with an underwhelming approval rating of 43 percent and a host of unfulfilled promises, President Joe Biden desperately wants a marquee victory. Unfortunately, wins have been hard to come…

, The New Republic
Jim Jordan’s Rejection of the January 6 Committee Will Cause Damage Beyond This Investigation
Jonathan Bydlak

From The New Republic:

Multiple veterans of congressional investigations said Jordan is adding to a precedent where even the most serious congressional inquiries are dismissed as partisan. “I…

, Reason
Democrats Can Beat a GOP Filibuster Without Wrecking Senate Rules
James Wallner

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris want Congress to pass two voting rights bills presently stuck in the Senate. Biden and Harris blamed Republicans for preventing the Senate from…

Coalition: GAO Finds CRs Don’t Spell Disaster for DoD
Nan Swift

Dear Chair McCollum and Ranking Member Calvert:
On behalf of the undersigned organizations, thank you for holding this hearing on the important issue of the impact of continuing resolutions (CR) on…

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