Restoring the First Branch


, Washington Examiner
Replace deteriorating rail systems with bus rapid transit
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From Washington Examiner:
Politics is broken, change my mind

James Wallner for the R Street Institute: In a free society, obedience can only be legitimately compelled by persuasion. At bottom,…

, Washington Post
Why was the Peter Strzok hearing such a circus? Because Congress wanted it that way.
Casey Burgat

Last week, FBI agent Peter Strzok sat before two House committees for 10 contentious hours as Republican lawmakers accused him of partisan bias in his work in the FBI. Observers of all political…

, Roll Call
Critics pan plan to publish congressional research
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From Roll Call:
Schuman laid out his concerns Thursday in a blog post co-authored with R Street Institute Vice President Kevin Kosar — a former CRS researcher — and founder Josh…

, Wired
Why Congress needs to revive its tech support team
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From Wired:

Today, Washingtonians of different stripes are calling for a reboot. “When you drag Mark Zuckerberg in, and you want to ask the really hard questions, this would put you in a better…

Thoughts on a promising, imperfect Roadmap.
Eli Lehrer

Friends of mine at Protect Democracy devoted a lot of thought to their new manifesto, Roadmap for Renewal: A Legislative Blueprint for Protecting Our Democracy, which went live July 4th. And while I…

Capuano has highest paid staff in Congress
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From WGBH:
Casey Burgat, a fellow at a DC-based think tank called R Street who is studying congressional staff for his doctoral dissertation, said the expenditures from the office budget “is one…

Defining germaneness
James Wallner

During Senate consideration of the defense authorization bill, Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC, objected to setting a vote on an amendment offered by Mike Lee, R-Utah, on the grounds that it wasn’t…

, National Review
Can Trump make the bureaucracy sane again?
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From National Review:
For her part, Aubrey Neal, federal-affairs manager at the R Street Institute and an enthusiastic supporter of the plan, believes “the criticisms are not only exciting, but…

Polarization is an output of our process, not the cause of all our woes
Philip Wallach & James Wallner

Our recent piece, “Congress is Broken. But don’t blame polarization,” provoked a number of useful discussions about how political scientists should interpret the results of empirical models…

, Civics 101: A Podcast
The Federal Register
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From Civics 101 Podcast:

Kevin Kosar spoke with Civics 101 to answer the questions, What is the…