Restoring the First Branch


, Commentary Magazine
Congress is weak because its members want it to be weak
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From Commentary Magazine:
A transformation of oversight is also plainly in order. It is particularly important now to give Congress more of a role in federal regulation, maybe requiring its assent…

, Huffington Post
How experts and one congressman reacted to two days of Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony
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Zach Graves policy work cited in Huffington Post:
Restoring the Office of Technology Assessment could help, but it’s not sufficient.

, Bloomberg
It’s all symbolic votes from here on out
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Legbranch cited in Jonathan Bernstein’s Early Returns:
2. Josh Huder on Ryan as a lame duck.

, Bloomberg
The Senate is where policy goes to die
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Legbranch cited in Jonathan Bernstein’s Morning Links:
2. Jonathan Lewallen, Bryan Jones and Sean Theriault on congressional capacity.

, Bloomberg
President Trump, Master of None
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LegBranch cited in Jonathan Bernstein’s Morning Links:
2. Matthew Glassman on legislative-branch appropriations.

, Bloomberg
What if 1968 never happened?
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From Bloomberg’s Jonathan Bernstein’s Morning Links:
2. Christopher R. Berry and Anthony Fowler at Legbranch on the power of committee chairs.

, Vox
The post-Trump GOP looks a lot like the pre-Trump GOP
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LegBranch cited in Vox:
Even now, George Edwards and Matt Glassman argue that Trump cannot influence fellow partisans on his truly heterodox positions.

, Washington Post
Legislators struggle with tech. That’s why we need the Office of Technology Assessment.
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LegBranch backlinked in The Washington Post:

Some believe that altering the GAO’s tech assessment program could bring Congress all the benefits OTA used to offer, and that doing so would be…

, Kevin Kosar
Congress stops its starvation diet
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Kevin Kosar policy study cited in The Hill:
Despite its constitutional position, the money Congress spends on its operations compared to the Executive Branch agencies is minuscule, making up…

Congressman highlights broken system of committee chairmanship selection
Aubrey Neal


Upon being asked what he would change about the House as an institution during Thursday’s American Institutions Network Congressional Exit Interview, retiring Congressman John Duncan,…