Restoring the First Branch


Congress and Foreign Affairs: Reasserting the Power of the First Branch—A Compilation
William Gray

WASHINGTON (Aug. 12, 2020)—As the United States grapples with a global pandemic in the midst of the upcoming presidential election, Congress’s warning influence in foreign affairs becomes that…

Congress and Foreign Affairs: Reasserting the Power of First Branch
Casey Burgat & James Wallner & Anthony Marcum & Kevin Kosar

Article I of the U.S. Constitution assigns Congress many significant authorities over foreign policy. The legislature may “regulate commerce with foreign nations,” and “define and punish…

, FreedomWorks
Video: Congress vs. Courts: An Article I Debate | Spotlight on Freedom
James Wallner

From FreedomWorks:

In a special Article I Coalition debate, scholars from the R Street Institute, Cato Institute, and Heritage Foundation discuss the proper role of Congress versus the role of…

Radio: James Wallner on COVID’s political landscape
James Wallner

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

The R Street Institute’s James Wallner joins Boyd to discuss political and social issues related to COVID and how they will affect the legislative…

, Hill Faith
Working on the Hill: There’s Good News And, Mostly, Bad News About Staff Salaries
Kevin Kosar

From Hill Faith:
Kevin Kosar, a Hill veteran who is now vice president for research partnerships at the R Street Institute, sees little change in the obstacles faced by congressional…

, Fox News
Competing claims over bill to address looming Social Security, Medicare insolvency in GOP coronavirus package
Kevin Kosar

From Fox News:

Other right-of-center think tanks also backed the TRUST Act, including the R Street Institute, whose Vice President of Research Partnerships Kevin Kosar said “any additional…

, Legislative Procedure
Evaluating the NDAA Amendment Process
James Wallner

Last week, the Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 (S. 4049; NDAA) by a vote of 86 to 14. Before its passage, the bill’s majority floor manager and…

, LegBranch
Filling vacancies in the executive branch and on the federal bench
James Wallner

The federal government selects candidates for high-level positions in the executive branch and in the judiciary in one of two ways: Senate confirmation or recess appointment.


, Bloomberg Law
Senate Panel Moves Regulatory Bills to Aid Economic Recovery
Philip Wallach

From Bloomberg Law:

“Perhaps the time to push REINS in one chamber is precisely when it has no serious chances in the other chamber,” said Philip Wallach, resident senior fellow in governance…

, The Epoch Times
House Democrats Dominate Top 50 Spenders on Staff Salaries
Casey Burgat

From The Epoch Times:

As a senior fellow at the R Street Institute in 2019, Burgat completed a massive study of congressional staff compensation, compared to the private sector.