Regulatory Reform


, Orange County Register
‘Get off my lawn’ crowd braces for new housing laws
Steven Greenhut

SACRAMENTO – In its opposition to a new state law that eliminates parking requirements for developments located near transit lines, the city of Newport Beach offered this whiny complaint to the…

Hurricane Ian devastates Florida. Will it collapse the homeowners insurance market?
Caroline Melear

Hurricane Ian, a massive and powerful Category 4 storm, made landfall on the gulf coast of Florida on Wednesday. With unprecedented storm surge of 12 to 18 feet and winds around 150 miles per hour,…

Groups Urge Senators to Oppose JCPA
Josh Withrow

Dear Chairman Durbin, Ranking Member Grassley, Senator Klobuchar, and Senator Lee,

We write today to express our ongoing concerns with the Journalism Competition & Preservation Act (JCPA), an…

, Washington Examiner
Red tape entangles SpaceX
Eli Lehrer

From Washington Examiner:

Eli Lehrer, president of the R Street Institute, believes these conditions showcase a much bigger problem than one company’s compliance with government red…

, Newnan Times-Herald
Despite Government Interference, Charity MUST Persevere
Marc Hyden

Few things are more frustrating than supposedly well-intentioned government policies that ultimately devastate large swaths of people. There are plenty of historical examples of this—from high…

Imposing mandatory disclosure policies on businesses is a popular tool—but does it work?
Sarah Wall

Among certain environmental and human rights activists, compelling businesses and corporations to match their enthusiasm in the pursuit of social responsibility has been a key objective for years….

Radio: Shoshana Weissmann on How to Protect Rights and Liberties During an Emergency
Shoshana Weissmann

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

How do you balance civil liberties with government action during an emergency? Shoshana Weissmann from the R Street Institute joins Boyd to…

Checks, Balances, and Emergencies: Tensions Between Emergency Management Acts and Constitutional Governance
Shoshana Weissmann


Braden Boucek
Daniel Greenberg
Kimberly Hermann
Mithun Mansinghani
Clark Neily
Jon Riches
Luke A. Wake
Shoshana Weissmann



A fire rages…

, Medical Economics
Telehealth: Policy suggestions going forward
Courtney Joslin

From Medical Economics:

The COVID-19 pandemic was the catalyst for a sea change in the way telehealth is used, but as the country attempts to bounce back the question becomes which expansions…

, mHealth Intelligence
Permanent Audio-Only Telehealth, Licensure Flexibilities Key to Virtual Care
Courtney Joslin

From mHealth Intelligence:

As temporary policies to expand access to telehealth inch closer to their expiration dates, states must decide which ones will be made permanent amid the ongoing…

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