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Bottle Bills Bolster Recycling Rates
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (March 28, 2022)—A new analysis released today by R Street Resident Fellow Philip Rossetti examines the effectiveness of deposit refund systems (DRS), also known as bottle bills, in…

Deposit refund systems are more effective than mandates
Philip Rossetti

Recent speculation that a federal level bill for a deposit return system (DRS) (commonly called a bottle bill), as well as recent efforts by states to reform DRSs, has renewed interest…

Economic and Environmental Potential of Carbon Offsets may be Underestimated
Philip Rossetti

With policymakers pursuing climate objectives through ambitious emission mitigation targets, such as President Joe Biden’s new nationally determined contribution under the Paris…

The Benefits of Carbon Offset Markets
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (October 20, 2021)—With the UN Climate Change Conference coming up at the end of the month, the global community will once again tackle questions regarding how international climate…

Regulation Digest - Vol. 10, No. 5
Philip Rossetti

From The George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center:
R Street Institute
– Oil & Gas Production on Public Land, Philip Rossetti

, Youtube
Pipelines and Property Rights: Are They in Conflict?
William Murray & Josiah Neeley

Pipelines provide a critical part of the country’s energy infrastructure. Yet, as with most forms of infrastructure, the process of building pipelines can be the source of controversy and…

, S&P Global
Property rights tensions stir debate amid continued gas pipeline buildout
William Murray

From S&P Global:

During a forum on pipelines and property rights held by the R Street Institute in Washington, there was agreement that more can be done to inform landowners of their…

Observing the Mann Gulch fire at 70
Travis Kavulla

Aug. 5 marks the seventieth anniversary of the death by fire of 13 young firefighters in Mann Gulch.

Started by lightning, the fire raged on what was then the hottest day on record for nearby…

, Orange County Register
There’s room for a middle ground on Western land-use issues
Eli Lehrer

As it works to open more land to mining, streamline environmental regulations, and roll out a major infrastructure package, the Trump administration has faced withering criticism from all corners of…

New Englanders have only themselves to blame for energy price spikes
William Murray

Cold snaps like the one the U.S. northeast has experienced this month are great opportunities to learn how energy markets work — or don’t work. All one has to do is watch energy prices rise and…

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